Registry Management: Uniblue RegistryBooster 2010

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The windows registry is an extremely important part of the Windows operating system which has the purpose of acting as a reference point for the operating system as to which applications are installed, the files they use, and the users that have access to them (profiles).  Over time however, as users profiles are changed, new applications installed and older applications removed or updated the system registry can become clogged with old references and outdated information resulting in system crashes, error messages and also a slower startup.

In order to effectively spring clean the registry, old outdated and orphaned data needs to be removed.  Although this can be done manually, it is not recommended due to the complexity, and with this in mind there are a multitude of registry cleaners and boosters that can undertake this task on your behalf, simplifying the whole process and minimising any risk to the registry.

One of these registry manipulation tools is Uniblue RegistryBooster 2010, a dedicated application for the optimisation and cleanup of the Windows operating system registry.  The software makes registry optimisation a doddle through a very simple interface that allows scanning for registry scanning, backup and defragmenting.  Once installed RegistryBooster 2010 scans the registry at startup for system related, user related and third party software related errors and compiles a report for each.  Following this the software offers the opportunity to repair the reported errors automatically, whilst also making a full backup of the registry.  The backups can be restored at the click of a button should the cleaning process cause any unexpected side effects to the system and should you wish to exclude parts of the registry from the scans, this can also be done simply through the interface.  The additional Registry defragementation option allows for further optimisation of the registry, allowing faster access by the system and third party applications.


We were slightly dubious as to how much the optimisation of the registry would improve the performance of our Windows operating systems, however, on testing we were pleasantly surprised to see that the improvements were actually quite significant.  We ran the software on two computers, a desktop and a laptop, each of which reported several hundred registry "errors".  After registry optimisation and defragmenting both system were faster to boot to windows and both appeared to be faster to load applications.  As previously stated the software is incredibly easy to use, and registry backups are very easy to access is required.

At £19.99 (at the time of writing including a free copy of Uniblue System Tweaker) the software is not overly expensive and in our tests gave significant improvements to system speed, so if you have an older system that is starting to appear sluggish, it might just be worth a go (even with the trial software) in order to relieve a bloated registry.