System Management: MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010

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For many of us system maintenance doesn't really apply to PCs or laptops, which in most people's opinions should continue to work indefinitely with little or no maintenance. However if we all treated out cars or houses in the same way, it wouldn't be long before the cracks started to appear. We have recently reviewed a number of standalone softwares that help remedy this situation in the form of registry maintenance or driver maintenance, but we hadn't, until now come across a software package that actively monitored the whole system and provided easy and simple maintenance tips in the same way that MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010 does.

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010 is a very simple to use piece of software that provides access to a number of wizards in order to tweak Windows (compatible with XP, Vista and 7) as well as a series of tools to optimise the system registry, backup data, and more.

The majority of the benefit can be felt through the "1-click quick maintenance" option that deletes all of the temporary files, empties the recycle bin, cleans the registry and defragments the hard disk (if required).

More advanced options are availabel through the main interface that offers a more omprehensive series of options that additionally include driver updating, internet tuning, registry cleaing and defragmenting, data shredding (secure file deletion), data manager and a myriad of other useful tools. Each tool is very well expained in the software as well as being supported in the supplied handbook.














Although the list of tools provided are not specifically unique to the software and indeed some are actually already available within Windows (although quite hidden), it is the way in which MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010 ties them in together so that all aspects of PC maintenance are featured from startup, servies management through to hardware management.  The package even monitors the health of your system (through "PC CheckLive") and offers helpful advice, such as how many errors any hard drive has had monitoring the situation and providing useful hints (use the backup facility etc.).

When we used the package in our Windows 7 install we found it did actually make a difference to the overall speed of the desktop, having optimised the registry and updated to newer motherboard drivers (which Windows 7 overlooked!) the machine seemed more responsive (sorry to coin the automotive term!) which is no mean feat considering the relatively short time that the operating system has had on the test system.  It is easy to imagine that the software would be of great benefit to older and more heavily used PCs that don't benefit from any form of maintenance, and the ease of use makes it suitable for everyone from beginners upwards.

Given the very respectable pricing of £29.99 (at the time of wrirting) the software provide excellent value for money especially when you consider that some registry optimisation softwares alone cost upwards of £20.

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