Video Editing: proDAD Adorage Effects Package 11 - HD Global Travel & Flags FX

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prodad_adorage_effects_11Transitions between video footage can often make or break a video production and one of the leading lights in transitions software is proDAD with their Adorage Effects Packages.  We recently reviewed the proDAD Adorage Effects Package 10 and we were very glad to be given the opportunity to review their latest release Adorage Effects Package 11.

As with the last release, Adorage Effects Package 11 offers a full set of transitions in full HD in order to complement any edited HD footage.  The software can easily be integrated with the latest video editing software from Adobe, Avid, Thomson Grass Valley,  Pinnacle, Sony, MAGIX, Corel, and Ulead and dropped into editing timelines to provide quality and professional transitions between frames.

Adorage Effects 11 concentrates mainly on travel and world sporting events (olympics etc.) and provides a series of transitions that depict travel to or through the various continents and countries of the world.  More than 100 different countries flags, country and continent outlines, and a fantastic series of transformations that can be tailored to depict the movement of a plane, ship or automobile (think Indiana Jones style flight transitions between destinations!) add up to provide an excellent way of editing up a travelogue.  Each transition is fully editable and can be customised to easily produce the desired transition for any given scene and the list of transitions if easily navigable through a simple interface - the "Effect Browser".


Once the transition has been edited to your satisfaction it is simply a case of dragging and dropping the transitions to the timeline of your chosen video editing software for incorporation into the final video sequence.

As with proDAD Adorage Effects Package 10, proDAD Adorage Effects Package 11 provides a professional set of tools for anyone serious about their video production.  Everything is very simple to use and the plugins appear to have been optimised for use with every mainstream video editing package to make the process even simpler than previous packages.

At the time of writing proDAD Adorage Effects Package 11 is available for £90 direct from proDAD, which includes the download version (so that you can get started straight away) as well as a DVD version for future use.