System Management: Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010

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If you have read our review of the Uniblue RegistryBooster 2010 you will know we were pleasantly suprised by the functionality and results from the use of the software.  Despite this we were slightly sceptical about the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 software we were sent to review.  The use of windows tweaks to improve the speed of the operating system have been used for a long while, although in our own experience they have never really yielded that much gain in speed, after all ...if your drivers are up to date and your registry optimised, what is left to improve without upgrading?.

However, having installed and tested the software on one of our old Dell D420 workhorses running XP, we are happy to say we are eating our words.  Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 installs very simply and the optimisation process requires no technical knowledge to use with a one click optimisation process.


The scan is conducted in three different ways, with the software providing the standard junk file removal (temp files, recycle bin files etc.) alongside a series of system tweaks (closing of redundant processes, network and visual effect optimisation etc.) and the setting up of a set of included "Speed Tools" that further help optimise the operating system for speed.  These tools include the "CPU manager" which moderates CPU usage by windows to help spread the load evenly, ensuring that no single task hogs bandwidth, a "Proactive thumbnail generator" that generates thumbnails in advance so as to minimise the waiting time for media files, and also "Software quick-starter" which preloads data into memory for commonly used programs on the start menu.  All of the optimisation process is fully automated at the click of a button, however if you need roll-back changes each of the individual settings can be undone and also deselected to prevent further optimisation.

The optimisation of our old Dell D420 by Uniblue SpeedUpMyPc 2010 was immediately identifiiable following a scan, with applications opening significantly faster than previously observed and we would be happy to recommend it for those wanting to stick with their existing PC in order to speed up existing applications and streamline their operating system, especially for the cost (~£20 at the time of writing).

Despite this, Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 isn't going to allow you to run more powerful applications or games that you coudn't run before; for that you are going to have to go down the upgrade route!

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