Video Editing: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 16 Plus

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magix_movie_edit_pro_16_plus_3dLast year we reviewed Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus (article available here) and we found it to be a really excellent piece of software covering every aspect of video editing for everone from beginners to experts alike.  The only downside we could really see was that some of the more advanced features of the software were slightly difficult to locate through the interface.

With the advent of Magix Movie Edit Pro 16 we were interested in seeing how much the software could have been improved and were glad to receive a copy of the Plus version to review.  As with Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus, version 16 follows a simple window based system that effectively separates the tasks of recording, editing and burning of video files.  The interface at first glance seems essentially the same as version 15, however, we found navigation simpler and features easier to find than we observed previously.  As before video can be imported both in SD and HD in a number of formats, as well as images or audio.  Importing of MP3 and OGG files is now direct instead of requiring conversion to WAV format (making the process faster).

In editing mode, the slideshow maker has been revised to allow better manipulation of footage.  A scrubber tool has also been implemented for fast checking of footage on the fly.and audio effects can be easily accessed now through the media pool allowing for easy animation similar to the video effects and automation curves are easier to modify.


In record mode, HD quality videos can now be uploaded to popular portals and communities (YouTube etc.) and the DVD menu and Title editors have been revised for ease of access, and titles are now editable in the preview window directly.

Over and above the standard version, the Plus version generally improves on a well rounded piece of software adding more options to the existing features and extended features such as the MAGIX Music Editor (updated version 3.0) which adds excellent editing features for audio (including 5.1 support), secondary colour correction, travel router animation. Importantly with the Plus version every feature of the software is fully activated and doesn't require any further payments (e.g. YouTube upload activation, codec activations).

With both versions the software comes bundled with other relevant packages by MAGIX as well as a copy of a "proDAD Adorage Starter package" which provides loads more effects for transitions etc.  WIth the standard version you get a copy of Reallusion iCone 4 SE a lite version of the popular 3D animation software, MAGIX Photo Manager(image management) and Mufin player (music management).  The Plus version adds MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer 6 (a fully functional image editing package) and MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio (for making the covers, inlays and CD/DVD covers).

All in all, Magix Movie Edit Pro 16 Plus provides an all round polish to the previous version 15, making it far more accessible to beginners as well as improving on various features to allow better manipulation of effects.  The support is as good as ever and MAGIX provides a very good manual as well as a large amount of online resources for use of the package.  For the cost, the plus version is worth the extra money and should let users of any skill level master or remaster any video footage to a professional level, although the standard version is more than capable of producing professional looking video.

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