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paragon_hard_disk_manager_2010Last year, before the release of Windows 7, we reviewed Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2009 Suite which really impressed us with the amount of features and the ease of use, with full support for all of the features.  With the advent of Windows 7, Paragon have released the latest revision of their hard disk management suite Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite, but is there any improvement over the 2009 edition?........read on and find out.

As with the 2009 version, the software provides a simple interface which gives access to a multitude of hard disk tools.  The 2010 version includes all of the previous versions tools including partitioning, backup and restore, system migration, defragmenting tools, more advanced recovery tools and professional disk wiping tools.  Where the 2010 suite improves over the latter however is with the backup facilities and system migration tools.

The file backup facility is now available through a more comprehensive wizard (for easier access) and files can be backed up to FTP, and the filters for backup have been tweaked to allow for more defined backup constraints.  Files and directories can now be selectively restored from larger backups rather than having to restore everything.  As regards migration tools, disk images can now be done on the fly rather than external windows environment.

One other improvement to write home about is the additional drive recovery/migration tools that can make a windows operating system on a drive from one machine work in a different machine by updating drivers to match the host machine and if required a boot corrector tool can fix issues with the Master Boot Record (MBR), partition table or Boot Configuration Data (BCD) to ensure that the migrated drive and operating system can be made operational.  As regards recovery environments, the 2010 suite improves on the DOS and linux environments with the addition of a WinPE option making access and hard drive management easier for less advanced users.


As with the Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2009 Suite, the 2010 suite comes in two flavours, the standard version and the "Professional" version.  The main difference between the two is that the "Professional" version provides a complete set of virtualisation and migration tools, and supports virtual machine environments on top of the standard version tools as well as providing more a few more advanced partitioning tools and supporting dynamic volumes. However, for the average user these probably won't be required and the additional outlay won't be needed.

In summary, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite provides a number of improvements over the 2009 suite, mainly orientated towards a Windows 7 installation.  Despite this it probably isn't worth an upgrade unless you require those specific updates or if you are migrating to Windows 7 itself.  For new users looking for a full set of tools for drive management, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite remains amongst the best software we have reviewed for this purpose, especially given the modest price tags (£29.95 at the time of writing for the standard edition or £69.95 for the all singing all dancing "Professional" version).

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