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magix_mp3_deluxe_16Managing your music library using the standard softwares that some with mobile devices and MP3 players can often results in a fragmented and disordered music library with incorrect ID3 tags and poor implementation.  MAGIX's new MP3 deluxe 16 remedies this by providing a fully functional music management tool that organises and optimises your existing library, whilst providing all of the tools you could possibly need for importing new software, exporting your library.  It even provides a music discovery tool to introduce you to new music in your chosen genre.

Compatible with iTunes, MP3 deluxe 16 provides a simple way to organise an existing library, allowing you to import your music from a compatible music management software.  It automatically organises your library and provides automated tools for retrieving ID3 tag information (through mufin audioID or freeDB) or inputing your own using standard text editing (batch or individual) or a simple drag and drop interface. Audio can be imported from CD or with the included MAGIX Music Editor 3, audio can be recorded and optimised (hiss etc removed) for inclusion into your music library, a very handy tool if you have vinyl or tapes that you want to remaster.  The search facility is incredibly fast and intuitive and if you have a large library this facility is incredibly useful.

Once you have your own music optimised, MP3 deluxe 16 gives access to thousands of internet radio stations, which the software allows you to record and add to your library (either manually or through a scheduled recording facility) and also provide a simple "Hit Finder" tool that records specific music tracks from chosen genres for listening at a later date.


Additionally, via integration with the website, the software can make recommendations for new music that you might like based on your existing music library, which were to our surprise actually quite intuitive, although for some reason the page displayed everything in german until we registered (don't worry, the language is easy to change when you want to register)..

Playlists are a doddle and can again either be done manually or can be automated through the software which will then select tracks based on the compostion of your existing playlist.  One your music library and playlists are optimised, your music can be exported to optical media (MP3 CD, MP3 DVD, or audio CD) or transferred to your chosen mobile device at the click of a button, including iPODs (via iTunes).

If you want to go all out, you can make any of your CDs or DVDs look the part and design covers or sleeve inserts using the included MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio, a basic drawing package that has templates to fit any relevant form of packaging, and even allows for the addition of the playlist information.

Support wise, the software comes packages with a basic quick user guide as well as a far more informative pdf manual accessable after installation.  The software is in our opnion well supported (although the number of features may become a bit overwhelming to a new user) and the manuals give lots of helpful information to get you started.   Once you get used to the software though you will soon have a well organised (and growing) music library allowing to you gain the most from your music. At only £30 at the time of writing it doesn't cost the earth and gives every function and tool that you could possibly require for managing your music.

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