Symbian Apps: Raviteq ImageStudio

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raviteq_imagestudio_frame-192x192_Smartphones are great for taking pictures, but what if you want to add a bit more personalisation and edit them ready for sharing?  Raviteq's Image Studio is just the thing for those wanting to have a bit more control over their images, providing a series of tools for touching up and optimising your photos, straight from your Symbian mobile.

Available through the Nokia Ovi store, Raviteq Image Studio provides a series of filters (Emboss, Gray Scale, Milky, Negative and Sepia), a small library of clipart (60 in total), rotate and flip functions, a series of picture frames, image enhancement tools (brightness, contrast, sharpness and white balance), crop and resize functions and also the ability to add text (with customisable colour size and postion etc.).

We tested the software on a Nokia N97 and found all of the functions quick and very easy to use, especially when using the touch screen.  With the included tools it is easy to customise any photo or picture to your heart's content, although it's a shame that there was no facility for "freehand" drawing using a stylus.  The ability to scale and crop photos simply would be great for anyone who spends time updating blogs or websites from their phone, or simply anyone wanting basic image manipulation on their phone.

raviteq_imagestudio_crop-192x192_Once you've finished editing, images can be sent on to contacts directly or saved seperately from the original file.  Additionally there is the option to setup the image as your background or assign it to a contact in your address book.

All in all for £4 (at the time of writing) we thought it a worthwhile addition to a Symbian smartphone offering a few more facilities over the standard image manipulation softwares generally provided as standard, although it would be worth checking the standard facilities of your smartphone's image editing before you decide you need it.