Symbian Apps: Raviteq Faceswap

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marketing_cowboy_256-192x192_If the Image Studio and Collage applications by Raviteq have tempted you, then the last application in Raviteq's trio of image manipulation tools for the Symbian platform, Raviteq Faceswap, may interest you.  Faceswap allows you to create images of your friends and family' faces (and even yourself) superimposed on masks to make them look like babies, flowers, wrestlers, cowboys etc. (eight in total are available).  Images have to be taken aligned with the templates using your phone's main camera, so your target has to be sitting still, and unfortunately previously captured images can't be used.

As with the rest of the Raviteq applications we have tested, the software is very simple to use and any created image can be either saved as a new image, or sent via any available form of communication.  As a fun little app to entertain friends and family (especially children) Faceswap won't fail to amuse.  We had great fun playing around with it!