Database Software: Alpha (Five) 5 v10

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If you own own a commercial website with large numbers of clients or run an ecommerce business, the chances are your life is run in spreadsheets or if you have access to some form of database software (Microsoft Access etc.) you may have even written a basic database for linking all of the aspects of your site including sales, invoices, clients etc.  However unless you are good at coding chances are you are probably limiting yourself and your business.

Alpha Software's Alpha Five database management software is somewhat unique in the simplicity of building databases without the need for prior programming knowledge, and therefore allows for the production of complex databases that can not only be based locally, but can also be web based, giving access to a greater number of clients or employees.


Alpha Software claim that even beginners can create their own custom databases tailored to their needs.  An example template is provided called "AlphaSports" which shows tha capabilities of Alpha Five as a company management database.  The template gives examples of the tables of data that can be held for customers, products,  sales, sales people, vendors etc. as well as the reports that can be generated by runnning queries across linked tables in the database e.g. sales by individual sales people, customer reports etc.  The AlphaSports example database is supported in the Alpha 5 help file that describes the individual commands required for each facet of the database including the graphical interface for data entry and queries.


If you want to create your own database, Alpha 5 provides a series of database templates (including employee records, invoices, membership manager, students and classes) that can be either used directly or modified to your hearts content to include additional datasets for your specific application.

Everything that you need to know for creation of your database is covered in the online/local help files and Alpha 5 also has a extensive free help forum (with over 3,000 members) that, unlike some "support" forums, is very active with members that seem only too willing to help with your problem.

If you want to create a web application, but don't have extensive programming skills, Alpha 5 in our opinion seems to be a perfect choice anyone from beginner upwards that wants to develop their own database applications easily with the minimum of learning, whilst still maintaining the customisation available through custom programming.  The fact that the development of applications is essentially similar for both desktop and web applications is a great bonus in our opinion.

For more info visit Alpha Software's Alpha Five homepage.