Music Software: MAGIX Music Maker 16

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magix_music_maker_16MAGIX Music Maker 16 is MAGIX's latest music and song track creation software. Built on the winning formula of Music Maker 15, this latest version offers the best features of its predecessor in addition to some great new ones.

Getting started is simple, with a fully detailed support manual, ‘infobox' displaying hints, and online video tutorials even those new to the software series can soon find themselves composing fairly detailed songs. Another key feature to getting started is the toggle buttons between the full featured software and the minimised ‘easy mode' which provides a simplified approach for beginners.

The general format follows the same approach as previous versions based around the simple clicking, dragging, and dropping of blocks from the ‘soundpools' onto the major track. These can then be further manipulated either by clicking and dragging the individual block boundaries or by opening drop-down menus to access simple effects such as volume control and fading-in or out, to more complex features such as audio effects and remixes while the software automatically maintains a steady pitch and tempo.

Like previous versions of the software, there are thousands of music blocks from plenty of different genres and if thats not enough, you also have the option to expand on them, either by recording and importing your own from any Midi device you might have, using any of the variety of synthesizers including the new Vandal SE guitar amplifier, or downloading some from MAGIX's charged service ‘Catooh' (However, with the possibility of uploading and potentially publishing your best compositions and even receiving a percentage of any revenue, a small investment shouldn't put you off).

So for the novice this software provides enough to keep them interested while they grow to master all there is to know about Music Maker 16. From an educational stand point it's great for any budding musician to get a feel of how compositions can be put together, albeit in ‘soundpool' form. Music Maker 16 does not present itself as a professional tool and it should be noted that this software is not designed for anyone seeking a traditional musical education as it completely neglects any musical notation, script, or tab.

That said, we think this programme offers good value for money that maintains the user's interest with a wide range of facilities. With the tracks you create integrating well with other forms of media.

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