Web Design: MAGIX Website Maker 4

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Last year we reviewed MAGIX's Website Maker 3, and decided it was a really good entry level flash web design and hosting service with the only disappointment being the inability to export sites from the MAGIX hosting service.  Beyond that it offered excellent value for money considering the features supplied.

So, how does MAGIX Website Maker 4 improve on these features?  Well, the actual flash website design software is still web based and to be perfectly honest hasn't changed a great deal, with an excellent easy to use desktop publishing design interface and hundreds of themes (sports, clubs etc,) similar to the previous version.  This is no bad thing as this interface is very simple to use and is directly accessible through the MAGIX "Online World" service from any computer with an internet connection.


As before there is the potential for multiple websites using the included hosting service (5GB of webspace is available in total) and now there is the all important FTP access that allows for the uploading and downloading of sites.  This web hosting package is however limited to basic html sites, as the hosting plan doesn't support databases and only javascript is supported, although this shouldn't be a problem for users new to web design.  As with the previous version there is still a voucher for a free .co.uk or now a .fr domain depending on your audience.

All in all Website Maker 4 provides good value for money (£40 at the time of writing) for combining a flash based website design tool as well as hosting and a domain for a year, especially now given the FTP access so that files can easily be modified and html websites can be built.

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Amazon: Magix Website Maker 4.0 (MAC/PC)