System Management: Auslogics Software Boostspeed 5

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There are many pieces of software that offer to ‘clean up your PC and make it run faster'. Some are available as freeware and some are available as purchased downloads etc.  What many have in common is that they promise the earth but fall somewhat short of expectations!  You run them through your system and they claim to have found many registry or system errors. You then instruct them to sort them out and guess what - you wish you hadn't done it in the first place!  Sometimes, if you're lucky, the only sign that you wasted your money, time or effort is that your system speed, or any of the other apparent improvements claimed to be possible have not materialised in any way.

If you're unlucky a range of weird and wacky changes can be made to your slow, but functioning, system!  They are too numerous to mention but the worst, experienced by one of our researchers, was that their PC wouldn't reboot! So choose your programmes with care!

Having tried out several of these programmes available on the market, there are one or two who actually come up trumps. They do speed up your system appreciably and the best of these allow you to ‘tweak your system' to improve it's performance.  These programmes also should give a good explanation of what the changes will do if you decide to go ahead with them, as inexperienced users could do more harm than good if they don't know enough about specific features!

Most of these registry fixing programmes will offer a scan of your PC/Laptop system, and when the results comes through you can decide whether to repair/delete etc.  Generally a system restore point should be offered or undertaken before this is done so that any changes can be reversed if necessary i.e. if the changes have been found to have a negative effect!

Depending upon the quality of the programme a number of other functions should also be offered by the programme, and the better software packages may also include options for:  ‘System optimisation (Windows tweaks etc.)',  ‘Disc optimisation (defragging etc.)', ‘removal of temporary files'.

At this point we have to recommend ‘Auslogics Software's BoostSpeed 5'.  As the software publisher's name might suggest, this is an Australian firm and the programme seems to reflect the straight forward ‘no nonsense' Australian approach!  Having very thoroughly tested this programme on two older laptops and one brand new, also on a newish desktop, (three running Windows XP and one running Windows 7) we are extremely impressed!

The first laptop was about seven years old, getting a little ‘clogged with stuff' and obviously suffering, we ran ‘BoostSpeed'.  The improvement was about 25% faster on the system running (based on program load times). Then we tried the newer but very slow and underpowered laptop (before using the Auslogics software, using the laptop was like watching paint dry!).  The user said about 33% improvement, especially when using Internet Explorer.

The PC desktop we didn't expect to find anything really but having run the initial scan the programme found 337 problems! We didn't expect to find an improvement in speed but obviously, in time these would have built up and the PC would have become slower as a result.  The new Acer Aspire laptop was the same. Less than four days use and the programme found 227 errors! The above applies.

Throughout the use of Auslogics Boostspeed 5, the interface is very easy to use.  The programme does a scan and either you let it do the repairs automatically or you can do things a step at a time, manually.

There is also an advanced option to use when you are used to the programme which gives you just about every choice of adjustment you could want, and it's all fully and clearly explained.


The tools offered include:

Disc Maintenance(Clean up/Defragment/ Repair Discs),

Registry Maintenance(Repair/Defragment,

Free up space(Remove duplicate Files/Explore Discs),

System Status(System Information/Tasks/Services/Locked Files),

Software Control (Startup items/installed software),

Privacy (Erase History/Shred Files/ Wipe disks),

System Tweaks (System Tweaks/Optimise Services),

Speed up Internet and Disaster Recovery (Automatic/Manual Optimisation),and

Disaster Recovery (File recovery/Rescue centre).

There's also a section that advises you about the system, how to optimise it to make your PC work to your personal requirements and finally there's a section that informs you about how much of the RAM, CPU, hard disk and network is being used by which system process or user.

This programme retails at under £30.00 (at the eime of writing) and we think that this is one of the best, if not the best, value programmes in it's price range and goes beyond our normal expectations for a piece of system management software.