Audio Editing: MAGIX Rescue your Vinyl and Tapes

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rescue_your_vinyl_and_tapes_2If you read our review of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe, you may have come away with mixed feelings as to the software - just to reiterate though, it is a good piece of software that lacks a little bit of basic information for those people that want to use anything other than the standard line in audio input for audio recording.  All the software requires for use is a turntable for playing of vinyl or a tape deck for playback of tapes.  If you don't have a suitable stereo system, a USB turntable or don't want to have to lug your stereo system to your PC, then MAGIX provides a package that includes a phono pre-amp, alongside the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe software, so that only the turntable needs to be moved. This has additional benefits if you have a top spec turntable because it means that you can use your existing turntable to record your vinyl and hopefully get a better quality recording than using a basic USB turntable.

Since the phono pre-amp can be plugged directly into the line-in port of your PC (meaning that the setup is far simpler for beginners).  The unit itself is solidly built and can be powered either using a 9V mains power supply (not included) or 9V battery, although we would recommend using a dedicated power supply if possible to avoid potential problems whilst recording when the battery reaches the end of it's life.  All of the cables needed to use the pre-amp with a turntable are included so you can be up and running in no time.

Once you are through the setup, the actual software is fairly simple to use, with all aspects explained through the use of rollover infoboxes, making recording and remastering nice and easy.  All aspects can either be done automatically or manually depending on your skill level, or requirements.  Once done, files can be exported in WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG format for playback at a later time.

The MAGIX Rescue your Vinyl and Tapes retails for ~£50 (at the time of writing) which is a fair price for the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 and a pre-amp. If you have a lot of vinyl or tapes, then now is probably as good a time as ever to start backing up your collection before damage (age/children/pet related) occurs to your collection and it means that all of your music will be useable wherever you are if you have access to an mp3 player, ipod or smartphone (iPhone 4 etc.) that supports music playback.

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