Backup and Migration: Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7

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laplink_mk_for_win_7If you are still umming and ahhing about upgrading to Windows 7 (which in our opinion is probably worth the investment now) there is now an even easier way in which to preserve your files and applications (the most onerous part of the upgrade pathway) using an excellent little piece of software, Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7, that performs all of the tasks required.

Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7 includes everything you need to migrate from an XP or Vista system to Windows 7 and includes a crossover ethernet cable (for connecting two PCs if upgrading to another system entirely) as well as a CD that has the installation software for O&O Diskimage (for making a full image backup of your system before progressing with the migration) and the main software Laplink PCmover.

Obviously before you undertake any form of migration the detailed manual insists on making a full backup of your existing system (if the system needs to be recovered due to hardware error or power failure) using the included O&O Diskimage software.  Once complete the Laplink PCmover software can be used to migrate all users (including files) and applications to your new Windows 7 system.  The beauty of the software is that you can use it to upgrade to a new Windows 7 system on a separate system or even to a new install on the same PC in a variety of ways: through a home or office network, the Laplink RJ45 crossover cable, an external file storage device (USB key, external hard drive or similar) or through a USB connection.

The whole process is fully documented in the user manual with screenshots of every screen to make sure there can't be any mistakes and, if desired, instead of copying everything the individual files, folders or applications wanted can be selected for migration at the relevant point of the process. Once everything is selected the Laplink Pcmover software creates an archive of all of the relevant files (a "moving van file") that can be saved on an external hard drive or even the same disk ready for importing into Windows 7.

The next step is to install Windows 7 (if you are not migrating to a new PC) and then installing the Laplink PCmover software so that the "moving van file" can be rebuilt in Windows 7, allowing users to be reinstated and applications to be "installed" as before.  The only piece of software that definitely can't be migrated is antivirus, but apart from that most software that is compatible with Windows 7 should transfer well.

The amount of time that this software saves for anyone upgrading from XP to Windows 7 is definitely worth the meagre £29.99 price tag, especially given the ability to migrate compatible applications in addition to users and all their files, and given this we would highly recommend it for the process.