Backup and Migration: Laplink PCmover Ultimate

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pcmover_ultimate_3dboxshot_left_hi-resMigrating from an old PC system to a new PC system can be a real pain, taking ages to manually transfer all of your files to an external drive and then transfering then to your new laptop or desktop, only to need to install all of your programs, software and settings so that you are up and running again, a tiring task for any user and a difficult and confusing task for inexperienced users.

This can all be a vague memory however with the latest release of PCmover Ultimate by Laplink (we were recently impressed when we reviewed "Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7" which is specifically designed for migration to Windows 7), which includes the Laplink PCmover which is essentially similar to that reviewed in the Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7 review.  Laplink PCmover allows users to choose the files, software and settings that they want to move between an older operating system and a newer operating system whether on the same PC or between an old and new PC. The whole process can take quite some time due to the number of files generally involved in this process (up to 12 hours depending on the number of personal files and multimedia to be transferred) although much of this can be automated and if transferring between two machines Laplink includes a Laplink "High-Speed Transfer Cable" (basically a  LAN crossover cable).  All aspects of the operating system migration are covered in the included manual which makes the process nice and simple.

As well as the PCmover software the PCmover Ultimate package also includes Laplink SafeErase, a handy piece of software that permanently erases software from a system's hard drive therefore making it safe to dispose of or sell an old system.  Also included is Laplink PCsync which is another great piece of software that allows users to synchronise files and folders on a chosen basis across a wired or wireless network so that everything is up to date between machines.


We have to say that everything worked well throughout the review, with software transfering successfully between our test machines (which included the usual Microsoft Office as well as a couple of more obscure technical packages) and all files migrated to the desired folders.  As a simple solution for system migration Laplink PCmover has to be the best we have had the chance to review, greatly simplifying the whole process and removing the tedious task of installing every individual program manually.  As a result we highly recommend this piece of software for anyone looking to migrate operating systems, whether on the same PC or between PCs and with the included SafeErase and PCsync software it makes the sale price of £25 seem a real bargain.