Video Editing: MAGIX Video Easy HD

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magix_videoeasy_hdIf you read our previous review of MAGIX Video Easy you will know that as a basic video editing package we were truly  impressed, and although the software lacked the more advanced editing available with the likes of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro and other more sophisticated editing packages we have reviewed, it makes up for this with its' simplicity and ease of use.

The original MAGIX Video Easy lacked the ability to fully utilise HD video and clips, however the latest release has remedied this with new support for the creation of Blu-rayTM and AVCHD discs. As with the previous edition editing up a disc is as simple as importing the video from any video source (AVCHD, HDV, miniDV, existing video files or even analogue input). Video is then editable as part of a simple timeline so that clips can be swapped around and individually edited.

The software allows easy optimisation of contrast and brightness levels and also audio levels (the audio interface has been improved over the original version to allow more control over the audio editing process). Additionally transition effects can be used to seamlessly merge clips and the HD version includes more and improves on those included with the original.


Once edited to your finished product the video can be given a menu system (more of these are included with the HD version) and then burnt to disc (including Blu-ray and AVCHD discs in the new HD version) or uploaded to your video server of choice (YouTube etc.).

Included with the software is a simple manual that runs you through each step of the editing process and further support is offered through an introduction video and there is often further support available through the MAGIX support "Multimedia Community" although it is unlikely that it will be needed by most users.

In summary, MAGIX Video Easy HD offers several benefits over the original MAGIX Video Easy including the ability to edit HD videos and utilise Blu-rayTM and AVCHD discs as an output medium.  With the additional transitions and enhanced audio editing interface it makes a valid case for upgrade if you have upgraded to an HD camera.  Certainly if you haven't got a video editing package and want something simple that the whole family can get the hang of then MAGIX Video Easy HD won't disappoint, especially for the modest price of £31.99 (at the time of writing).

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