Video Editing: MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes! Version 3.0

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magix_rescue_your_videotapes_3If you haven't got round to backing up your VHS videotapes to digital copies as yet, now is the time to do so. With videotapes becoming obsolete the last thing you want to do is lose all of the memories that have been recorded to VHS and many companies are now providing valuable and more importantly cheap options to make this chore a simple task.  MAGIX have released there latest option "MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes! Version 3.0" and we were lucky enough to get a copy for review.

Included in the box is a copy of MAGIX Video Easy, a USB-Videowandler 2 (a usb video converter to you and me!) and a SCART adapter.  We have reviewed the MAGIX Video Easy software previously and whilst we won't review it again completely, we can say that it is (as the name suggests!) a very simple video editing package that provides enough support for any user to use and enough editing features and effects (video transitions etc.) to produce a relatively professional finished product. The finished product can be burnt onto a DVD, saved as a video file on the host PC or directly uploaded to the internet (YouTube or MAGIX Online World).  All in all a great little piece of software for basic video editing of any saved analog video.

The included cables make connection from any source very simple through a free USB port (USB 2.0 is recommended) either using the component (S-Video) or SCART output on your VCR.  Following this step, usage is simply a case of loading the included MAGIX Video Easy software on your PC, selecting analog input and importing the video.  Video can be automatically broken down into scenes by the software and then edited to produce reaonably professional looking footage from the original.

The included manual runs you through this simple process making it easy enough for a complete beginner and quick enough for anyone simply wanting a copy of their videotapes.  Certainly for £34.99 (at the time of writing) it offers far more than equivalently priced products, which gernally do not include cabling, and a huge saving on using a professional service.

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