System Migration:Laplink Switch & Sync PC to Mac

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laplink_switchsyncIf you aren't polarised one way or the other, the choice between Mac or PC can at times become blurred, and in some instance strange as it may seem there are times when people will need to have access to or even own both a pC and an Apple Mac.  This does however mean that synchronising files between the two competing systems can be something of a chore using conventional methods, especially with those new to using Apple Macs.

The latest reviews on system migration software has centred around Laplink's range of backup and transfer software for the PC, however their latest offering Laplink Switch and Sync is aimed at providing users a simple way of syncing files between PC and Mac for those wanting to got to the dark side (only kidding, we love Apple Macs as well!).

Included in the box is the Switch and Sync software, to be installed on both the host PC and the new Macbook or iMac, a high speed laplink USB 2.0 cable for connection of both computers and a sheet of paper that runs through the steps required for installation and file transfer.

As would be expected the software installation is relatively easy following the included instructions (make sure you install any available updates!) and syncing from PC to Mac is simply a case of allowing the PC to connect to the Mac and then choosing files and folders to synchronise.  Laplink Switch & Sync saves this as a Synchronisation job and this allows for further synchronisations using the same settings (therefore saving time in the future whenever you want to synchronise files) and the software allows this process can be automated.

In addition the software allows for conversion and synchronisation of email, contacts and calender information between PC and Mac systems which certainly simplifies the whole migration or syncing process.

The software allows for synchronisation across a network, although transfer speeds are far faster using the included USB 2.0 cable.  Using of the network option is entirely reliant on the stability of your network and therefore it really isn't a great option for large amounts of data for most users.


The software works well, however it is heavily weighted towards transfer of files from PC to Mac and not vice versa which is slightly disappointing for those wanting to take advantage of using both types of computer.  However, as a migration tool for those wanting to convert to Apple, the software is an excellent way of ensuring that all of your data gets transferred and is accessible by your new Apple iMac or Macbook.  After all, once you have transferred there is always the chance of a dual boot MacOS/Windows system with the more modern Apple systems!

For the current price of £16.19 (at the time of writing at Amazon, UK) the software in our opinion provides a cheap and far more relaxing way of migrating from a PC to a Mac than trying to do it manually.

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