Video Editing: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

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mep_17_ukus_mb_3d_3cLast year we reviewed MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 16 which for the money was a great little piece of software for editing of 2D footage.  A new year, however, and a new version has been released by MAGIX to additionally allow processing of 3D footage from the handful of cameras so far available for this format.

As with previous versions, Movie Edit Pro 17 provides excellent support for any digital camera video format, which is easily edited on the software's editing timeline.  Up to 99 simultaneous tracks are available thoughout the process to hold editied video footage, music, or one of the multitude of transitions and the video and audio editing capabilities of the software are certainly as accomplished as the previous versions we have reviewed. The interface has been updated in MAGIX Video Edit 17 to allow customisation of the user interface, although this in our humble opinion won't greatly enhance the software for most users.

Once editing is finished videos can be exported or burnt to disc in the usual array of formats, whether to web (YouTube etc.) or media (Blu-Ray or DVD).

Where MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD (not the standard version 17) varies from previous versions is with the additional support for 3D footage whether using a dedicated 3D camera or using two cameras on a stereo crossbar.  The software can support either input, syncing dual camera footage to produce passable 3D video.

The only slight downfall to the latest release of MAGIX Video Edit Pro 17 (whether the Plus HD or standard version) remains however the slightly clunky feel to the interface.  Despite a lengthy user manual and online support, in order to get the most from the software it lacks the intuitive interface of other more mainstream software.  That's not to say it isn't an excellent alternative and in some cases far more adaptable piece of software, it just means that there can be a steep learning curve when trying to master certain features of the software (especially the nwely added 3D functionality).

As a 2D editing program the basic version would more than suffice the majority of users and an upgrade is probably not required by 2D video camera users unless they want to delve into the 3D world.  If however you have a 3D video camera and can get to grips with the interface, editing of 3D footage with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD will be rewarding.  As with other MAGIX software products both versions of the software (despite minor shortcomings) offer excellent value for money priced at £59.99 and £79.99 (for the standard and Plus version).