Symbian Apps: SPB Mobile Shell 3.5

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spb_home_screenIf you are still a proud (or maybe not so..) owner of a Symbian based smartphone and feel envious of your friends with their android or iPhone home screens, save yourself the price of a phone upgrade and pruchase a copy SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.  Most symbian based smartphones have a single home screen, which is fairly prescriptive as regards widgets and in general is limited to a single homescreen which means that if you like apps, contacts and games at your fingertips you can only have a few to choose from at any given time.

With SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 this situation changes radically, and the software gives Symbian users up to 5 usable home screens, each of which is totally customisable.  Two preset modes, lifestyle and professional come as default with the lifestyll mode preset giving three home screens which can be accessed by a simple swipe of your finger across the screen.  As stated the home screens can be totally customised to include any number of widgets in any position, including time/date, messages, emails, weather, profile, backlight mode, wireless mode, application shortcut.... the list is pretty inclusive.

There are also two permanent links at the base of the home screen located on a taskbar that give access to a cool 3D carousel function that gives access to the full features of SPB Mobile Shell (more about this later), a launcher page (that gives access to a list of favourite apps and games as well as SPB Mobile Shell options and the inbuilt task manager), the contacts page (searchable address book, contact shortcut page, and call logs), and a customisation menu for the home page.

spb_uiThe full 3D carousel gives access to each home page as well as the SPB menu page, each of the contacts pages, weather pages, calender view, and the clock and world time page.  What is particularly good about the software is the fact that it isn't merely a veneer which just makes the symbian operating prettier, it actually improves the experience of the user so as to allow much better navigation of the capabilities of the phone, whether contacts, apps or messages.  From our experience (we tested it on the Nokia N97) it really improved the symbian interface making the whole experience of using the phone more enjoyable and using SPB Mobile Shell actually appeared to make the Symbian interface far more slick with no reduction in speed when navigating through menus.

If only Nokia would integrate the software on all it's phones, I'm sure it would please many Nokia smartphone users!