Video Transition: Adorage Effects Package 12 - Worldwide Effects

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adorage_12_worldwide_effectsEditing up your home video if often just half of the job when it comes to creating professional looking DVDs to show friends and family and often deciding on the correct transitions between video clips to give the DVD the correct feel can be as difficult as the editing and polishing of the original footage.

Adorage is a name synonymous with software designed specifically for this purpose - to provide libraries of transitions and the software to customise them for any video. Previously we havereviewed two of Adorage's "Effects Packages" and we were interested to hear the release of their latest package, Adorage Effects Package 12 - Worldwide Effects, that adds to and complements the travel themed transitions that we reviewed previously from Adorage Effects Package 11.

As with the previous versions we have reviewed, this latest addition to the Adorage library provides a very simple software interface with which to create customisable transitions and effects for video clips, images or other graphics. Included in the Adorage Effects Package 12 are transitions and effects relating to popular holiday destinations, cities and other holiday related media. The interface allows for very simple customisation of any of the transitions or effects, with every aspect editable using a set of simple to use tools that allow control of lighting, speed of transitions, positioning etc. All in all there are over 2000 travel related effects and transitions in this release, and all of them are in full HD, although they can obviously be used when editing SD as well!  Throughout the customisation process the software allows the transition (and any changes) to be previewed in a continuous loop on the fly which were rendered flawlessly during our testing.


The latest plugins available from Adorage allow use of Adorage Effects Package 12 (as well as previous versions) with the majority of mainstream video editing packages (see here for a list of compatible softwares) including some of the newer 64-bit editions that were previously unsuppported (e.g. Adobe Premiere CS 5 or Sony Vegas 64).

Since most video editing packages come with a severely limited set of transitions and effects, Adorage Effects fills a important gap in video editors repertoire, providing a series fo transitions that can seamlessly link video clips.  At a cost of £82.41 (at the time of writing), the latest effect package from Adorage provides relatively cheap access to a set of tools that can really improve the look of any video travel diary or related video project.