System Management: Appsmaker OptimalPCPro

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optimalpc_en_3dUp until now, our favourite system management tools has to be Auslogics Software BoostSpeed 5 (for our review click here). It has everything that you could possibly need to pull your computer kicking and screaming to the top of its game.  However, Appsmaker with the release of OptimalPCPro has added a few more bells and whistles that may just pip our previous favourite to the post!

As with other system optimisation/management software suites we have reviewed previously, OptimalPCPro has a Windows Tweaking center the allows you to deactivate or optimise Windows settings (all versions including Windows 7 tweaks) to suit your usage, a boot speedup facility (optimises your system startup by removing unneeded autostart programs etc.), an internet booster (faster download and hopefully no more slow internet browsing), drive speed-up facility (hard drive optimisation and defragmentation) as well as a Desktop Styler (basically a small application that rotates your desktop background through the top 500 Flickr pictures).

Additionally there is a clean-up and maintenance component that allows the user to clean their registry, disks, shortcuts and desktop to remove unused and unwanted icons and files as well as a software manager that check for new driver and softwrae versions for installed components and utilities. Also included is the "Automatic Care" function that runs an automated set of the most important tools to provide the user with an easy optimisation protocol.


As well as all of these OptimalPCPro also has a basic file recovery function, a problem solver which can automatically fix some of the most common problems users can encounter with Windows, a hard disk doctor that monitors any installed HDDs for logical or physical errors and attempts to fix any it encounters and a  rescue center that allows any changes made by Appsmaker OptimalPCPro to be rolled back should any problems occur.

For more advanced users the software also allows access a set of security and privacy tweaks as well as a file shredder and a "User Restrictor" that allows (as the name suggests) administrators to change and apply policies to existing or future accounts simply through a checkbox based menu.

Under a different menu lies a series of tools for system information retrieval, including a hardware overview (for detailed information about installed components), process manager (allowing CPU core assignement to processes and detaiedl process information) diskspace explorer (detailed information about space usage), a hdd analysis tool (that shows the current health of your installed HDDs) and a HardDisk Bencharker.


Last but not least is an excellent little tool called the AppBooster tool that allows users to set individual profiles wherein certain unwanted processes and applications can be stopped to suit the users need i.e. if you wanted to squeeze the absolute optimum performance out of your PC and components for a game, unrequired processes and components can be shut down to give full access to resources whilst in game. Uniquely all of this can be done without the need to restart the machine making the process quick and easy.

Throughout, the software keeps you informed as to the process available and any being undertaken.  If you are willing it will also connect to an Appsmaker OptimalPCPro community record that compares your choices (for say a driver update, or an autostart program) to that others have made, quoting the number of users that have updated or reported errors etc which we felt was a nice little touch.

Granted some of the features are availabe as standard with any version of Windows, however, in general the average user doesn't know where they are or they are not well documented and Appsmaker OptimalPCPro does an excellent job of grouping these tools in one place in an informative manner, whilst providing a great number of tools that can not only enhance the performance of a PC, but also the user's understanding of how there system functions. At a cost of ~£30 (at the time of writing) it also costs less than many System Optimisation suites to boot so it definitely will get a recommendation from us.