Windows Backup: Rebir Rebit 5 Backup Manager

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rebit5As we have mentioned previously here at Computer Takeaway, unless you really don't value you your multimedia (photos, music, videos etc.) or document files (whether Microsoft Office or Openoffice based) it is essential that you employ a weekly or, at the very least, monthly backup to ensure the safety and preservation of these files. We have had the opportunity to review a number of Windows backup manager software packages from companies such as Paragon and Laplink, however for those that don't want backup to be a complicated issue and want to simply ensure that they have backed up everything of importance in case of the worst case scenario, then Rebit have launched the latest version, Rebit 5.

Simple is indeed the name of the game with Rebit 5, with the software providing some very basic options to users for backup and restore: (1) The partition to be backed up (individual files and folders can't be selected) and (2) The drive to backup to (Rebit supports both logical and networked drives).  Provided with these two pieces of information, Rebit 5 then performs a full backup of your chosen partitions (the system partition is always selected by default) to your chosen destination or destinations (Rebit 5 allows multiple backup destinations and/or rotation of backup destinations - useful if you use a laptop in multiple locations), whilst providing a "live" progress report of the process. Subsequent incremental backups are then maintained by Rebit 5, allowing recovery of anything from the backup including older versions of files - if the need arises.


In addition to this, Rebit provides a password protection facility for any backups and the ability to create a recovery disk so that the system can be easily restored in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Since the software really is this simple, it makes it ideal for people who simply want a 'belt and braces' approach to Windows PC backup.  If you want something that is a little more customisable then look elsewhere, but Rebit 5 definitely gets a thumbs up from us for being the simplest backup solution that we have seen for Windows PCs.  Priced at only £24.99 for single license or £49.99 for three (at the time of writing) it is also possibly the cheapest, so what are you waiting for? Grab a spare external USB HDD drive and get backing up your files!