Web Design: MAGIX Website Maker 5

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There are a number of pieces of software specifically designed for designing your own websites, however the idea for most novice website designers of learning and debugging their own html pages, organising web hosting and sorting out a domain name is often simply too daunting a task.  With this in mind MAGIX designed their own website design software which includes the pre-requisite webspace hosting, and a top-level domain name (as well as 5 dedicated email addresses) taking away the hassle of doing everything separately - MAGIX Website Maker.

We have previously reviewed MAGIX Website Maker 4 (and also previous versions too!) and in our opinion it offers an excellent package for the novice website designer to really get their teeth into website design in terms of the overall graphical design rather than getting bogged down with coding and the domain administration.  The "software" actually runs in your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera 9 are supported) via installation of a local component which means that you aren't stuck to using the software on one PC or even operating system!.

The interface has been revised since previous versions, making designing your website even easier and Website Maker 5 doesn't disappoint with over 150 templates to choose from, which can then be customised to include any amount of media (photos, video, music documents etc) as well as allowing you to integrate videos from YouTube. Presentation of media is even better with a great number of options.  Each template can be further customised a great deal with pre-defined Flash animations, pictures, headers, buttons and other elements included in the multimedia object library (over 1500 design and decorative elements are included and accessible for free). For a demo website from MAGIX click here.

If you want to add more interactive content to your website, the software also includes a library of dynamic widgets including visitor counter, guestbooks, download boxes, Google Maps integration and Google Adsense integration amongst others.  Even better, once you are aux fait with basic html coding you can even create your own widgets so that you can add other functionality to your website.


The support available to MAGIX Website Maker users has also been improved with access to a number of support slideshows as well as the usual web-based support and the paper manual included in the box, which also has a section on basic web design for users completely new to the idea.

With the level of simplicity MAGIX Website Maker 5 is ideal for novice web designers who only really want the one website (although up to three further website can be hosted under subdomains) and are unlikely to go beyond this.  The package includes a years hosting (which after a year reverts to £1.99 a month), a top-level domain, as well as a multitude of templates which are massively customisable through a very simple intuitive interface, which for the price of ~£40 (at the time of writing) makes it perfect those new to website design.