Music Management: MAGIX MP3 Deluxe 17

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mp3_deluxe_17Managing your music collection doesn't have to rely on software that comes bundled with operating systems or MP3 devices. In all honesty whilst it does a good job, such software doesn't really compare to dedicated pieces of software both in terms of scope or facilities.  Last year we reviewed MAGIX's MP3 Deluxe 16 which we thought provided a great set of features for the money, this time we've got hold of the latest version MP3 Deluxe 17 and we were eager to see what improvements had been made.

As with the previous version, MAGIX MP3 Deluxe 17 provides a great number of features for organising your MP3 collection, including single and batch ID3 tag editing as well as an automated editing (using mufin audioID or freeDB). As previously you can characterise your music collection through genre and ratings which can then be used by the software to create automated playlists that can with the new version even catered towards your current mood (happy, sad etc.) which surprisingly work quite well.

Access to web radio stations is still provided and in fact even more stations have been added to the integrated database meaning even more choice!  The interface for navigating your way through the software has been updated and we found it far easier to follow, with rollover help comments far easier to understand (although there are still a couple of german table headings that have been left in the internet radio database).

As with the previous version, MP3 Deluxe 17 allows importing of music from virtually any device, and offers recording through the computer's sound card so that audio can be recorded from internet sites, games etc.  The "Hit Finder" facility is still available that scans internet radios stations in any chosen genre and records any that it thinks match your specifications.

MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio is still bundled allowing the simple design of covers etc. for your own mixes if you still use optical media and MAGIX Music Editor 3 is still there to help improve any tracks that need optimising.

A new part of the interface is the muffin Vision mode (which is also for multi-touch enabled screens) that literally allows you to navigate your music library through a cascade of dots that represent your tracks which are arranged according to track name and artist which once you get used to it provides a very fast way of finding the one you want.

For the RRP of £39.99 (although it can be found cheaper if search around a bit) it still provides a great way of managing your music library especially with the optimised interface, as well as providing an excellent facility to find new artists and music that you might enjoy.