DVD Backup: Digiarty WinX DVD Copy Pro

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winx_dvd_copy_proWith the ability to play video files on virtually every new smartphone, games console (handheld and tv based), and media player, the ability to copy DVDs to hard disc to get a digital copy is increasingly important for a lot of users.  Additionally for parents, the ability to backup kids DVDs (from their own library) for use on in-car DVD players for children when on journeys is a godsend with originals often being "lost", scratched or damaged is some other, until now, obscure way (we speak from experience!!!!).

There are a number of DVD ripping software platforms that offer a number of features specifically for this purpose and one of the latest to be released by the company Digiarty is "WinX DVD Copy Pro".  The program offers the ability to make 1:1 DVD copies of any movie regardless of it's region (handy if you have ever bought DVDs from the USA or elsewhere abroad) or copy protection system (it supports Disney's Fake, severely scratched DVDs and even Sony ARccOS bad sector).

As with other Digiarty offerings we have reviewed (for a list see here) the interface for WinX DVD Copy Pro is incredibly simple. There are a number of easy to follow options for making a full disc backup, either directly to a blank DVD, or to ISO or to a VIDEO_TS folder. Each of these choices allows the region code, CSS encryption (Content Scrambling System ), UOPs (User Operation Prohibition) and also bad sectors (Disney etc. copy protection system) to be removed simply by checking/unchecking the relevant option.


Additionally, simply the main title, specific chapters, or simply the separate video or audio streams can be backed up to an MPEG2 file which is great if you want to then convert to a specific format for playback on another digital device.

We tested the software by cloning the old school classic "Spaceballs" (a region 1 copy we originally bought in the USA) to ISO.  The software did a great job and was impressively fast. Since we removed the region code, the film (after we burnt the ISO to disc) was playable on a standard UK DVD player and was (as it should have been) as good as the original.  Using this software you could back up your whole DVD library whether on DVD or as a digital copy for use on any media player or device so that the originals can remain in pristine condition.  For a cost of £26.25 (at the time of writing) which includes lifetime upgrades and support it comes highly recommended.