Image editing: Vertus Fluid Mask 3.2 Masking Tool

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fluidmask3_3d_boxThe task of masking images for cutting out can be a major task even for the most experienced user of Adobe Photoshop, Elements or Coreldraw etc. taking a long time to achieve the correct result.  Our latest item sent for review is Vertus Fluid Mask 3.2, which is specifically designed to remove this bottleneck in any design process requiring masking and clipping of images.

The Vertus software is standalone but can run as a plugin to Adobe Photoshop or Elements if you use them.  Upon loading an image, the software automatically scans it for edges and creates a blend mask, the border between the parts of the image to remove or keep. The user then uses a combination of the keep and delete masks to mask areas to keep or delete respectively.  Various "size" brushes are available, the "exact brush", as the name suggests works in a similar way to the standard paint brush tool "painting" the specific ares under the brush. The "local brush" works in a similar fashion to any paint bucket tool, flooding any area selected with the chosen mask.  The global tool acts similarly to the local brush tool except that it additionally flood fills similar related areas in the image.


Once you are finished editing with the different masking tools, a simple click of a button "cuts out" your chosen part of the image for continued editing in your chosen image editing package.  All of the steps required are fully described in the manual that also provides tutorials and tips for masking more complex images with things like hair and complex lattices.  Every step is easy to undertake and it really is fast at masking and cutting out images. We tried it with a number of images, from simple shape cutouts to more complex photos with mixed backgrounds and in each case the software made masking and cutting out a doddle, taking minutes to get the piece we wanted rather than hours (for more complex objects) in Photoshop or Coreldraw.

Available from:

Downloadbuyer - direct download
Amazon - Fluid Mask 3.2 (PC/Mac)- boxed version