Multimedia Streaming: Digiarty Software, Inc Air Playit Media Server

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Setting up a music server doesn't have to be a hassle and with the new free software from Digiarty Software, Inc, Air Playit, it is really easy.  Air Playit allows simple streaming of music from a central server computer (Mac or PC) to iPhone, iPad or iPod (apparently even Android will be supported soon) via WiFi, 3G or 4G.


  • Support streaming all 1080P/1080i HD videos to your iPhone iPad, such as MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, TP, MPEG-TS, AVC and MOD.
  • Support regular videos including MPEG1/2, WMV, ASF, AVI, MOV, RM/RMBV, FLV, MP4, H.264, M4V, WTV, WebM.
  • Support multi-audio tracks video and let you choose any language in the video file.
  • Automatically cache all music files to the Download Library inside your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Adjust video/audio quality and resolution for each video individually.
  • Choose and adjust default video/audio quality, resolution and FPS for different network connection type including local WiFi, remote WiFi, 3G and 4G to get the highest video viewing effect.
  • Automatically list the recent played videos and remember the last play point for each video.
  • Specify permissions to the shared folders. Three permission levels are available: Admin, Kids and Public.
  • Resume downloading at breaking-point. If you already started downloading the video, Air PlayIt can remember and lets you choose whether to download from where you left off, or to start over.
  • Option to remotely power off your computer after finishing watching.


Digiarty Software Air Playit requires a minimum of two downloads: the Air Playit server that is available for both PC and Mac, and the Air Playit client which is installed on any compatible tablet, multimedia player/tablet or smartphone (currently Air Playit supports Apple iPhone, iPad and iPods).  Installation is very easy, with the software setting up the server on the host machine and sharing of multimedia is simply a case of selecting files and folders to share and setting permissions for access (Admin, Kids and Public). 


Once this is setup, the client software is set up using Bonjour and music and video files can simply be accessed through the interface.  If a video file is not supported on the client device, the Air Playit client software will automatically convert it to a viewable format on the fly or alternatively videos can be converted directly on the server through a very simple interface.  Before playback, the playback parameters (bitrate, resolution, subtitle etc.) can be altered to the users preference in order to optimise performance on the client device.


Throughout, any multimedia file (music or video) can be saved on the client device for playback at a later date when not in network range.  The server can be setup to not only allow local access via WiFi, but also allows access as a remote server so that you still access your media library on the move.


Believe it or not, Free!


For a free piece of software Digiarty Software, Inc Air Playit offers a fantastic way of setting up a easy to use media server for simple straming of multimedia video and audiop between Apple devices, we (and I am sure many others) certainly look forward to seeing support for Windows Mobile and Android OS!