System Management: MAGIX PC and Tuning 2012 review

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MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2012Introduction:

Keeping your PC in tip top condition ensures that the operating system runs smoothly, games and applications run well and hardware functions well.  However, to do this normally requires the use of a multitude of individual softwares and also enough time on your hands (something that most of us would argue we don't have enough of!) to manually learn how to use and schedule each one.  This is where system maintenance software suites come in: not only will they schedule and run each and every task for you with the minimum of fuss but they often offer extra features to help streamline your computer. Enter the latest release of MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012, their latest Windows system maintenance software.


  • Automatic tuning with 1-Click Check and Optimization
  • Driver and software update
  • Live system monitoring
  • High-speed mode
  • Performance check
  • Hard disk and internet traces cleaner
  • Hard disk defragmentation
  • Registry cleanup & defragmentation
  • Energy saving optimization
  • Internet tuning
  • System start optimization
  • Optimizing Windows design and settings


Although we missed the last (2011) version of PC Check and Tuning, the latest 2012 version is essentially similar to the 2010 version we originally reviewed here.

The installation CD comes boxed with a fully detailed manual that details in full all of the options within the software. Installation is straight forward only requiring the entry of the serial to activate the software.  Once installed, the main software presents a simple one window interface that allows the control of the maintenance of your computer quick and easy.  The "Check PC" function performs a complete system check that highlights issues and scans for temporary files.  The interface offers a one-click fix to solve any identified problems which is perfect for most people, however if you have more experience the underlying processes that this encompasses can be further modified to really tweak the system for optimum performance.

MAGIX PC Check Tuning 2012 screenshot

The software tackles hard disk fragmentation, registry errors and tweaks, internet tuning as well as tweaking Windows settings for faster startup (and shutdown) and general operation.  Also hardware drivers are checked for updates that help get the best from the PC and the newer version of their live monitoring software (MAGIX PC Check Live II) gives you up to date advice on you system to ensure smooth operation.  The MAGIX Performance check software compares the performance stats of your PC against similar benchmark PCs and gives feedback as to how your PC compares against others (great if you want to lord your PC's stats over your mates!).

We tested it on a Windows 7 Professional operating system and it did speed everything up to some extent, amongst other things finding multiple registry issues, highlighting the need for hard disk defragmentation and finding newer drivers to install for our hardware, therefore saving us the hassle of undertaking these tasks separately.


£39.99 (at the time of writing)


The latest version of MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2012 offers some significant improvements over previous versions we installed, offering excellent features for PC tuning in just one package.  The interface is easy to follow for anyone irrespective of experience and we saw 'the proof of the pudding' in our tests with improved system responsiveness and faster startup as well as improved browsing.