Video Editing: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus review

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Over last few years we have had the opportunity to review the various iterations of the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro series, seeing the improvements of the software over time with integration of newer technologies (HD, BluRau, 3D filming) and we have always been impressed with the potential results acheivable using what is effectively a budget video edting software. With the latest version, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX being released (essentially version 18) within a year of the last one to hit our desks, we were interested to see what developments could have been incorporated in this time.  In our review we discuss the "Plus" version of the software.


Movie Edit Pro MX Features:

  • Improved performance – faster export and shorter loading times thanks to CUDA and OpenCL support
  • New Browser Function – allows project files to be browse quickly
  • Clearly-designed interface
  • More universal – the Media-X-change function provides improved interaction with other MAGIX programs, cloud services and social networks

Movie Edit Pro MX Plus Features:

  • Professional video editing with 99 tracks, secondary colour correction, high-quality video and audio effects, 3D video editing, chroma keying etc.
  • Audio dubbing at the highest level: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, audio mastering suite, audio effects in studio quality
  • MultiCam editing for 2 cameras, Stereo 3D video editing, screen capturing, travel route animation
  • Turn footage into breathtaking movie trailers with professional trailer templates for all common movie genres
  • More Powerful – thanks to preview rendering, even very demanding editing passages play smoothly – perfect for older PC systems
  • More Dynamic – Change the speed of your footage with flexible curves – for spectacular slow motion and timelapse effects
  • More Creative – Completely revised templates and effects – enhance your footage with exciting transitions including sound effects, artifical blur etc
  • Even easier to use – export finished movies to SD cards, perfect for archiving or for enjoying edited movies on TV


In summary the suggested improvements for the standard version amount to an optimised performance on older machines (including accelerated effect previews), better integration with other MAGIX software through Media-X-change (hence the new name of MX),. Additionally the Plus version offers the ability to create smoother slow motion effects within your movies, a series of new transitions (with sound) and more "professional" movie templates.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro plus screenshot

During the actual review process, the speed improvements we saw were not really very significant, that's not to say they weren't there but it is possible that better improvements would be seen on older machines.  If you have other MAGIX software installed, the ability to flick easily between them in order to better improve workflow does speed things up and the ability to publish and save data directly to the internet is a great time saver if you have your own website or blog. Beyond this the improvement to the transitions and the templates in the Plus version are a nice bonus, however in our eyes the software has not really gone much further than the previous iteration, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 which offered the majority of the same features that the MX version does, so if you are thinking of upgrading, we would asy at this time is isn't really needed.

The Plus version of the softare does however offer all of the excellent features of those that have gone before it, with a fantastic set of tools to take full control of the editing process, with 99 tracks, multicam editing , accomplished audio dubbing and editing and any number of tools that you may want.  The interface hasn't changed a great deal with the same slighlty clunky feel, however the manual that comes with the software provides full and clear instructions on using all of the features and once you get used to it the functions are easy to comprehend.  In addition there is support available through the MAGIX community pages (available through the MAGIX homepage) to answer any questions not covered in the manual.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX: (~£40) Movie Edit Pro MX (Amazon)

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus (~£60) Movie Edit Pro MX PLUS (Amazon)


4/5 - The new version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus provides all of the great features of previous versions with some modest improvements to the content, speed and web integration of the software and as such provides an excellent launching board for newcomers to video editing. However, as an upgrade for existing users of more recent versions of the Movie Edit Pro software, the advances are not impressive enough yet in our opinion to warrant the cost.