Console Accessories: Konnet Power Pyramid RCS for PS3/Xbox 360

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If, like us, you are in to your gaming (and surpisingly I'm not just talking PC based gaming) you probably have at least one console or maybe even both of the two industry main players, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. If so you will be acutely aware of the need to constantly recharge the DualShock controllers for the PS3 and will probably have invested in aftermarket rechargeable battery packs for the Xbox 360 controllers to stem the constant battery swaps! Both of these still need to be connected to a USB with the console power on so that they can recharge, which at the very least is pretty irritating if you are using the TV for something else! Konnet have come up with a simple solution to this however with the release of their "Power Pyramid", which acts as a standalone charging dock for consolde controllers. The Konnet Power Pyramid comes in three flavours: one is designed to suit those that only require a dock that caters for Xbox 360 controllers, another to suit those who only want to recharge PS3 controllers and finally a hybrid dock which can dock two of each variety (PS3 and Xbox 360) which is reviewed here.



  • Charge 2 pairs of PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers on the same dock simultaneously
  • Centralized controller storage in one stylish dock
  • LED indicator displays charging status for each controller: Red = Charging / Blue = Fully Charge
  • Eliminates the use of charging cables
  • No game console required to power up
  • Intelligent charging technology prevents over charging


Included Inside:

  • Power Pyramid Charging Station x 1
  • AC/DC Adaptor x 1
  • Manual x 1



The Konnet Power Pyramid for PS3/Xbox 360 provides a simple solution for storing and charging PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. The main part of the unit itself is built out of solid black plastic and the slightly offset pyramid shape offers a sturdy base for the unit. The actual controller docks are surrounded by a strong clear plastic moulding that holds controllers solidly in place (PS3 dual axis at the top and the Xbox 360 controllers at the base of the pyramid). Charging is indicated by colour changing LEDs that light up through the clear plastic of the docks, red indicating that the controllers are charging and blue that the controllers are charged and ready to go, with charging taking a similar time to the normal.

We really liked the concept of the Konnet Power Pyramid as it offers a really simple storage solution for controllers that otherwise would end up all over the place as well as ensuring they are ready to go for the next gaming sessions! The only minor downside we could see was that the LEDs that indicate the charging state are quite bright and could be distracting if you house the unit to close to the TV.


~£20 from Amazon: Konnet Power Pyramid Combo Controller Charger (PS3/Xbox 360)


4/5 - In our eyes the Konnet Power Pyramid is an innovative and practical solution to charging/recharging console controllers for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and we would happily recommend it!