The end of Choiix, the rise of Cooler Master mobile!!

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Cooler Master's mobile accessory brand, Choiix, will go into a new direction per the 1st of January. In 2012 there will be many new accessories for tablets and smart phones and since this market is getting much closer to the desktop market, the decision was made to stop with the Choiix brand and go further with these product lines under the name Cooler Master. All current Choiix and future mobile accessories will be branded with Cooler Master from January first.

Below is some information regarding two new Tablet accessories which were recently released under the Choiix brand but will be known as Cooler Master products by the first of January.

Cooler Master Wake up Folio

Cooler Master released the Wake up Folio for iPad 2. This handy cover protects both the front and the back of the latest Apple tablet and can also be used as a support to put iPad 2 at a comfortable reading angle or even set it up straight. The Wake up Folio is available in seven different colors so everyone can pick out the ideal product for them. The Cooler Master Wake up Folio is available now for £25,25/€29,95.

Cooler Master Wave Stand

An accessory that is not only compatible with iPad, but with actually all tablets in the market is the Cooler Master Wave Stand. This product allows the user to put their Tablet PC in any angle between 0⁰ and 135⁰ to give the opportunity of reading a website page for example in the ideal position. The Cooler Master Wave Stand is available for a recommended price of £25,25/€29,95.