Krusell - TOP-10 selling phones for December 2011 and summary Year 2011

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Krusell - TOP-10 selling phones for December 2011

1. (1) Apple iPhone 4/4S

2. (2) Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

3. (3) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc/Arc S

4. (4) Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

5. (-) Samsung Galaxy Nexus

6. (5) Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

7. (6) Nokia 3720 Classic

8. (-) Samsung GT-B2710 / Xcover 271

9. (10) HTC Titan

10. (8) HTC Sensation

() = Last month’s position.

-      Symptomatic for the year 2011, the top seller list from Krusell for December showed that iPhone is still on top, says Ulf Sandberg Managing Director at Krusell. Samsung have thru the whole year, giving them a fight with a number of phones making its way up the list. Notable is that Sony Ericsson’s upgraded Arc S has made it to keep third place during the Christmas period, and that the new Galaxy Nexus made it to fifth place during its first month on the market.

Krusell – The best-selling phones in 2011

1. Apple iPhone 4/4S

2. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

3. Nokia 3720 Classic

4. Samsung GT-B2710 / Xcover 271

5. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

6. HTC Sensation

7. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc

8. HTC Desire HD

9. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

10. Samsung B2100

-      I guess there is no surprise for anyone that iPhone 4/4S is 2011’s top selling device according to Krusell’s list for 2011. The iPhone is a sensitive smartphone with a very high attachment rate on cases, says Ulf Sandberg Managing Director at Krusell. In a way, it is more fascinating to see other models on our top seller list, such as Samsung’s Xcover which really is a device made for a rougher treatment. Still consumers prefer to buy a case, even if the phone doesn’t need protection as much as the user needs a convenient usage of the device in their daily life.

The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, releases its "Top 10"-list every month. The lists above is based on the number of pieces of custom made mobile-, smartphone cases ordered from Krusell during December 2011/Year 2011. Krusell's list is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones on six continents and in more than 70 countries around the globe.


Krusell Group with 150 million SEK in turnover, an annual production of over 3 million cases, and more than 500 employees is a Swedish company exporting high-end cases around the world. Over 20 years in the cell phone industry, Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. Besides cases for mobile phones, Krusell also produces cases for digital cameras, laptops, MP3-players, GPS and portable gaming. Moreover, Krusell are also a subcontractor to Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Honda, Toyota and LG. The headquarters of Krusell are located in Mölndal, Sweden.

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