New and Improved Auslogics BenchTown Features Better Accuracy and Ease of Use

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Auslogics presents the new and improved BenchTown. The new BenchTown provides more accurate test results and the website is now even easier to use. 

Auslogics BenchTown is a free Windows benchmarking software that tests all aspects of computer performance, such as CPU, RAM, hard drive and graphics card. Auslogics BenchTown runs multiple system performance tests and pushes even the latest hardware to its limits. This allows users to find out how fast their PCs are and what they can do to make them even faster. 

The users can then upload their results to and compare their score with users from all over the world. In addition to that, users can discuss various system configurations, find out which hardware they need to upgrade, resolve issues that may be affecting the speed and performance of their computers, and just socialize. 

Auslogics BenchTown tests CPU, RAM, HDD, 2D and 3D graphics to measure PC performance in an accurate, yet time-efficient way. At the end of the test the program issues a score based on the performance of the computer. It also generates a complete system performance and configuration report that users can share with friends and other computer enthusiasts, or use for troubleshooting purposes. 

Like all Auslogics’ products, BenchTown is light, fast, efficient and very easy to use. 

Company background: 

Founded in 2008, Auslogics Software develops a wide range of computer optimization and security tools for personal and business use, including virus and spyware protection, disk cleanup and defragmentation, registry maintenance, Internet speed-up and emergency file recovery. 

The company's flagship product, Auslogics BoostSpeed, includes 18+ tools designed to speed up Windows-based computers by keeping them running smooth and error-free. The company’s business product, Auslogics OnCluster, goes one step further, making maintaining corporate PC network easy and cost-effective. 

Software from Auslogics is used by over 10,000,000 people worldwide and is the tool of choice of many IT and computer manufacturing companies, like Sony VAIO, in the US and other countries. Auslogics Disk Defrag was named the best disk defragmentation tool on CNET and other resources.