CM Storm proudly introduces the full mechanical Trigger Keyboard

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Finally the high-end CM Storm Trigger keyboard will be launched in Europe! The CM Storm Trigger Keyboard is the first keyboard produced by CM Storm for the extreme gamers.


The Trigger keyboard offers you the ability to press up to 6 keys simultaneously and utilize five programmable macro keys with profile management. These features give you the possibility to reduce transport and redeployment times by storing profiles and key assignments with 64KB of onboard memory. Next to this, the multi-media controls allow you to quickly adjust for example audio options to make working with the Trigger even easier.

CMStorm-Trigger-Keyboard-sideA detachable wrist rest and non-slip rubber coating make sure you have maximal comfort and results while gaming, by providing proper support for wrists and reducing unwanted keyboard movements or slides.

The 18K gold plated ultra low latency USB connectors and the integrated two port USB 2.0 hub of the Trigger give you the option to connect other peripheral devices. A high-grade braided cable ensures that the keyboard and connected peripherals maintain a solid link to your PC or notebook.

For people who use their gaming keyboard in a dark environment, the Trigger also offers some nice back lighting options. You can either choose to have all the keys highlighted with Red LEDs, highlight only the WASD and arrow keys or have the LEDs in a breathing mode.

CMStorm-Trigger-Keyboard-USBSomething that is very important for the professional gamer is anti-ghosting. Normally when you are in-game you are used to pressing several keys simultaneously. That is why the CM Storm Trigger allows you to press 6 keys at once, without losing any of their functions.

Whether the weapon is chosen or that the weapon chooses you, the Trigger mechanical gaming keyboard is prepared with a full featured arsenal that incorporates a selection of extremely high durability CHERRY MX Black switches.

The CM Storm Trigger is available for £102,99 from the end of March.