Unlimited Free Testing of Windows 8® with PCmover

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PCmover ultimate 3DBoxshotLaplink is making it easier for users to deploy and test Windows 8 with its free PCmover Windows® 8 Beta Assistant™.

Laplink Software, Inc. today announced its PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant is fully compatible with the recent release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This free tool expedites testing of Windows 8 by migrating programs, files and user settings from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 PC.

PCmover is useful for both IT professionals as well as general PC users. Available at Laplink, this program helps you easily move to a new operating system by not only transferring your data, but also saving you hours of time by automatically reinstalling programs and setting up user preferences.

“PCmover is still the only software that automatically moves all files, settings and applications to a new PC,” commented Laplink CEO Thomas Koll. “This is a significant time saver when testing Windows 8 because Microsoft does not offer a way to transfer applications across PCs. That’s where we come in. Get our free tool and let PCmover do all the heavy lifting for you.”

PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant is the easiest way to set up a new Windows 8 PC. Making sure that your existing applications are still relevant and functional in Windows 8 is as easy as transferring them via PCmover’s automated migration wizard. Set it and forget it.

Setting up multiple instances of Windows 8 for testing is a common practice. PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant accommodates this by allowing users to perform unlimited migrations before July 2012 at no cost.

“The more instances of an OS a developer can use, the wider the possibility of finding hiccups or holes in their software,” explained Laplink CTO Jack Wilson. “PCmover works well for testers because the programs, files and user settings can be migrated across both physical PCs and virtual machines (VMs). This allows for multiple testing opportunities, all at no cost to the developer.”

The manual process of migrating programs, files and settings can take hours if not days depending on the number of PCs utilized – and that is before the actual testing of Windows 8 begins. With PCmover, this time is reduced dramatically.

PCmover does not remove anything from the source PC so there is no risk to a user’s current environment. And unlike imaging tools, it does not overwrite the operating system on the destination PC, making it the perfect companion to help test Windows 8.

PCmover is available in a variety of editions including Home, Professional as well as Enterprise, which provides IT professionals with a powerful set of tools to easily define a customized migration experience.

Those interested in downloading the free PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant can do so here. More information about PCmover can be found at www.laplink.com.

PCmover is available online at Amazon for SRP £29.99 inc VAT

For larger organizations, Laplink offers pilot projects using PCmover Enterprise to ensure it meets the specific needs of each company’s unique migration project. Anyone interested in a pilot project should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit Laplink.com for more information.

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