Plustek SmartOffice Scanner Is Ideal Literacy Support Tool For Mac users

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Plustek-Opticbook 3800OpticBook 3800 makes text-to-speech scanning a snap

Plustek Inc, a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional imaging devices, is pleased to announce that its OfficeBook 3800 scanner is now fully compatible with Apple Mac OS X (10.6 and above) in additional to Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7 or later). The additional driver support means that Mac users now have a highly effective, multi-sensory solution for supporting reading and writing.

Designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility for all ages and abilities, the Plustek OfficeBook 3800 scanner helps to aid concentration and increase confidence. When used with optimised software, such as ClaroRead for Mac v5, scanned books and documents are spoken back with complete clarity as they are typed.

Alasdair King, Managing Director of Claro Software said: "ClaroRead Plus for Mac v5 users can configure their ReadIris scanning solution with the Plustek OfficeBook 3800 Image Capture driver to scan and OCR all kinds of paper documents and files."

Literacy support

The OpticBook 3800 offers a cost effective, simple, innovative solution for scanning books, magazines and bound materials. It also breaks down barriers to learning, browsing the Web, reading and writing with a raft of features designed to help anyone use a computer. Dyslexic students, people with visual difficulties, older computer users, and language students can all benefit from the OfficeBook 3800's practical and easy to use features.

The OpticBook 3800 includes everything needed to create searchable PDFs from books, magazines and bound materials. The bundled book scanning and creation software is also easy to use and guides the user through the scanning process, making the scanner an affordable solutions for businesses and home users, libraries, copy rooms, students, teachers, universities, law offices, publicists and anyone that wants to turn books, magazines and other bound material into PDF files.

Furthermore, using Plustek's patent pending SEE (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology, the OpticBook 3800 can scan any book without the book spine shadow and distorted text associated with book scanning on flatbed scanners.

Shooping Lin, Sales Director, Plustek added: "Scanning a book can be very different from scanning other types of documents. The truth of the matter is that scanning a book can be quite a challenge if you have chosen the wrong equipment, either the scanned image is not good, or you have to destroy the book by tearing it apart. The Plustek OpticBook 3800 makes text-to-speech scanning a snap."

Pricing and availability

The Plustek Opticbook 3800 costs £145 ex. VAT (MSRP) and is available from