Reallusion’s iClone™ Makes Physics Animation Visually Intuitive, Accessible and Interactive

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iClone’s Physics Toolbox™ allows any user to easily create realistic-looking explosions, collisions, interactions, movements and other physical animations with simple, customizable user interfaces that make complex animations fun and interesting.

Reallusion®, a pioneer in advancing 3D animation and imaging technology has announced its newest “iPlay™” physics control system for animators and educators to easily visualize ideas and create concepts by producing 3D animations with game-like controls.

With iClone's smart physics engine, anyone can easily create stunning lifelike animations with real world physics. Now Reallusion takes iClone to the next level with the new Physics Toolbox plug-in which allows users to create impressive motion dynamics, explosions, collisions, interactions and complex mechanisms without a degree or background in animation, physics or engineering. Users can create their own working experiments, prototype machines, vehicle and weapon systems, robots, mechanical platforms or unique inventions with a couple of clicks. 

This must-have iClone plug-in contains more than 30 powerful physics-based tools which can be used to construct complex mechanical models or stand-alone creations with structures and forces that power any kind of static 3D models. The Physics Toolbox is available now for £69.99 including Vat.

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Main Features:

Complete set of power sources for physics animation

The plug-in includes 16 basic Force components such as motors, push, sliders, springs and transformation power sources. The Structure components consist of constraint structures such as claws, vehicles and tank tracks, and fully-operational turrets, hydraulic tools and transporters. These tools come with a comprehensive learning system that you can freely use to assemble any kind of machine.

Easily assemble incredibly complex machines with smart dummies

Animators can quickly combine static objects with custom meshes to build one-of-a-kind weapon systems, motorized 4WD vehicles, tank tracks, robotic arms and more. This tool set allows you to transform any creative idea you have into a working 3D model by simply adding intuitive smart dummies. Now arduous animations such as rotation, hovering, shooting, springing and explosions are all made easy with just a few simple clicks.

Motorize static objects into interactive content

This is definitely the most intuitive physics system in the industry, ever! Each component is embedded with visually designed control panels, complete with sliders and buttons that allow you to motorize any 3D object. Simply pick an object and assign a motor attribute, then add more power sources and customize your own control panels for real-time manipulation. Users can even add particle dynamics, or use these tools to control cameras and lighting.

Real-time simulation and auto animation key generation

One of the most valuable features in the iClone Physics Toolbox is the ability to save countless hours on key frame animation by performing real-time physics simulations in one go. Once you start playing with the controllers, your movements and animations will be recorded to automatically generate animation keys. Not only is this a huge time-saver, but the end results will be smoother and more natural-looking.

Bring your simulated results to other 3D applications

With physics interactions and live puppet controls, now users can easily generate life-like interactions and animation keys for simulations, visualizations or even prototype games for use in external 3D tools and video game engines.   

IClone’s versatile animation pipeline lends its real-time animation tools and 3D content for game development, CG animation and academic simulation. Immerse yourself in a game-like interactive world and bring your animations to their full potential with iClone's real-time Physics Toolbox.

The iClone Physics Toolbox also comes with the most complete learning resources to help beginners and professionals immediately start building their own creations. Users will find everything they need with fully-illustrated user guides, assembly guides, video tutorials, sample projects and more.

For more information: iClone Phsyics Toolbox 

Price & Availability:

iClone Physics Toolbox is available now from at £69.99 iClone 5 Pro plus Physics Toolbox bundle is available for £199.99 

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