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A Significant Number of Home PC Users Don’t Practice Effective Personal Data Safety Measures, According to Paragon Software Survey
10K users surveyed back up and defrag regularly, but do not take advantage of alignment, wiping, and other data safety technologies. Every third PC user knows little about virtualization.
Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, has conducted an online survey of more than 10,000 owners of the company’s latest Hard Disk Manager products where respondents were asked to answer 22 questions about their usual PC hard disk management and maintenance procedures.  While the outcome of several questions was positive, such as the general trend toward frequent (more than once per month) data backups, the survey highlighted some gaps in technology adoption and personal data safety procedures.
About 45% of respondents stated that they do not utilize automatic partition alignment, which can significantly improve performance of a hard disk during partitioning and copy operations and restoring a backup image to new hard drives.  Further, despite the efficiency and maintenance benefits of virtualization and cloud storage, 58% respondents currently do not use data virtualization.
In terms of external storage options, nearly 40% of those polled do not use or plan to use solid-state drives (SSDs), while 23% plan to move to an SSD in the near future, making a full-suite product like Paragon Hard Disk Manager crucial to those technology adopters.  Manual data installs, as in the case of 66% of those polled who use no special programs or tools for data and system migration when upgrading or replacing their PCs, represent an opportunity for PC users conserve effort and ensure fidelity by automating their migration procedures.
A full 15% of all those who do back up their data reported storing their backup files on the same drive that hosts the stored info. “While data backups are crucial components to disaster recovery, it’s just as important to have a safe place to host the backups,” said Pavel Astafurov, supervisor of the survey.  “By conducting this survey, we hope to bring some safer techniques and procedures to light.”
More disturbing, around half of all PC users polled either do not utilize any data wiping tools or only use the standard “format disk” wiping functions to erase personal information on old hard drives, leaving potentially sensitive information available to anyone who may gain access to the hardware.  With a tool like Paragon Disk Wiper or wiping disk feature offered with the Hard Disk Manager, Paragon’s products guarantee absolute 100% data erasure and personal information security.

“According to the survey, the top three most important factors when selecting software like Paragon Hard Disk Manager and other Paragon Software products include reliability, performance and hardware/software compatibility,” said Pavel Astafurov, supervisor of the survey.  “We are very pleased that our users appreciate our products and are willing to entrust us with the protection and maintenance of their most valuable data, and that we fully meet the expectations of our customers.”
Paragon Software found that the most popular hard-drive operations were those related to backing up and defragmenting, with 80% of respondents stating that they do both regularly. To continue supporting PC users in their most essential disk utility operations, Paragon Software, having developed the most reliable and fastest PC system utility tools for nearly 20 years, currently offers a wide range of products to manage and maintain hard drives.
About Paragon Software Group
Paragon Software Group is an innovative software developer focused on two dynamic growth markets.  The company's comprehensive product line for the data storage market addresses the needs of data security, storage and management for PCs, servers and networks.  A second portfolio of products focuses on mobile productivity applications for handheld devices.  Founded in 1994, Paragon Software has offices in the USA, Germany, Japan, and Russia, delivering its solutions to consumers, small business and enterprise clients worldwide through a network of Value Added Resellers, distributors and OEMs as well as online through the company website.  Paragon Software provides technology to a host of world class companies and partners including Cisco, Dell, Toshiba, NEC, Siemens, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and more.  For more information please visit the company website at www.paragon-software.com.