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Premium-Quality Headset, Mice and Surfaces Incorporate Superior Technology Features and

Original Designs for Each Game


CS-Steelseries-Siberia-V2SteelSeries, the leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals, today announced co-licensed product line-ups for Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive and Dota™ 2, which are anticipated Valve games targeted for release later this year. Created in collaboration with Valve Corporation, the peripherals for Counter-Strike®: Global

Offensive include a co-branded SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset, SteelSeries Kana Gaming Mouse and SteelSeries QcK mousepad.


In addition, SteelSeries is also introducing the SteelSeries Dota™ 2 Limited Edition Mouse Bundle. Glossy black and sporting the red Dota 2 logo, the mouse is optimized and perfected with the help of professional gaming teams including the award-winning Dota International team, Natus Vincere. The bundle will include the optical, 6-button mouse, the Dota 2 branded SteelSeries QcK Mini mousepad, and an exclusive Dota 2 in-game item.


SteelSeries CMO, Kim Rom said, “We worked with the professional teams that are playing and winning in Counter-Strike and Dota tournaments and with them, identified peripheral features

and technologies that make their experience and performance better. We’ve chosen and perfected

exactly the right product mix and are excited to bring them to market with their respective games.”


SteelSeries Siberia v2 Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive Headset

Clear sound and communication in Counter-Strike can mean the difference between victory and failure for your game and team. The SteelSeries Siberia v2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Headset isolates atmospheric noise with sound-dampening foam and leather ear cushions, while its over-the-head suspension design makes the headset comfortable and lightweight. The headset’s camouflage color featured on the earcups and headband mimics the game theme. Its

50mm driver units pump out an impressive soundscape while the retractable, uni-directional microphone picks up and outputs loud and clear communication. The SteelSeries Siberia v2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Headset will be $99.99 / €99.99 MSRP.


The headset also features:

     An in-line volume and microphone mute control

     3m / 9.8ft black rubber cord with 3.5mm connections


SteelSeries Kana Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive Mouse and QcK Mousepad

The ambidextrous SteelSeries Kana Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gaming Mouse features a total of 6 buttons including two XL-sized side buttons which allow for easy-reach and quick, rapid-fire. Its optical sensor has impressive speeds of 1,600 -3,200 DCPI and its compatibility with the SteelSeries Engine allows the user to create an unlimited amount of player profiles and settings. Encased in a camouflage design with matte finish and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive logo, the mouse features a white illuminated scroll wheel with up to 4 levels of pulsation options and a CPI Toggle button to switch between high and low CPI settings. The

SteelSeries Kana Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mouse will be $59.99 / €59.99 MSRP.


The mouse also features:

     XL-size high-performance UPE material feet for a smooth, consistent glide

     2m / 6.5ft double-braided nylon cord


The SteelSeries Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive QcK Mousepad has a non-slip rubber base to keep from moving and an optimized texture surface for a smooth and consistent glide. The mousepad will feature the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive logo from the game and will be $14.99 / €14.99 MSRP.


SteelSeries Kana Dota™ 2 Edition Bundle

Defend the Ancient Fortresses with an optimized, ambidextrous mouse and 6 programmable

buttons that can be quickly remapped and configured via SteelSeries’ Engine software. The mouse has an optical sensor with impressive speeds of 1,600 -3,200 DCPI and is co-branded with a glossy black finish, the red Dota 2 game logo and an illuminated scroll wheel with up to 4 levels of pulsation. It is also equipped with XL-size high-performance UPE material feet for a smooth, consistent glide and a 2m / 6.5ft double-braided nylon cord.


The SteelSeries Kana Dota 2 Edition Bundle will be priced at $64.99 / €64.99 MSRP and will also include:

     A SteelSeries QcK Mini that features a high-quality cloth surface with Dota 2 logo

     A full version of the game and an exclusive Dota 2 in-game item, Kantusa the Script Sword


The co-licensed peripherals for both Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive and Dota™ 2 will become available with the anticipated game launches later this year. For more information about these products as well as all of SteelSeries’ E3 product announcements please visit, Be sure to follow SteelSeries and Valve on Facebook at and You can also find more information about Valve and the upcoming Dota™ 2 and Counter-Strike®: Global

Offensive title releases please visit


SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals, including headsets, keyboards,

mice, software and gaming surfaces. For the past decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of competitive gaming gear thanks to continued innovation and product development in cooperation with leading professional gaming teams. SteelSeries also supports the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships, and community support all over the world. For more information, please visit