PCmover® Still the Only Complete Solution for Windows® Upgrades

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PCmover ultimate_3DBoxshot_left_hi-resWhen Microsoft® releases Windows 8, many existing users will face a significant challenge in how to upgrade. PCmover is the solution.

 Laplink® Software, Inc. today disclosed some of the key features in its upcoming Windows® 8 release of PCmover®, including continued support for in-place upgrades, hard drive and image restoration and Metro compatibility.

When Microsoft® releases Windows 8, many existing users will face a significant challenge in how to upgrade. Although Microsoft has not yet released all details, it is anticipated that many scenarios will not be fully supported.

“We expect users of Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to the same 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 8, but most other situations are likely to be difficult,” explained Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO. “For Windows XP users, upgrading to Windows 8 will be a nightmare and almost impossible which is still about half of all PCs. Windows Vista users will have limited options and will likely lose all their applications.”


PCmover is the only software available that will support all upgrade scenarios to Windows 8, regardless of the old operating system and regardless of performing an in-place upgrade or migrating to a new PC.

In addition to being the only complete solution for upgrading to Windows 8, the new version of PCmover will have more features than ever before and be even easier to use.

PCmover for Windows 8 will continue the Laplink tradition of “direct connect” functionality for fast and easy transfers using a Laplink Ethernet or Laplink USB cable in addition to fully supporting network connectivity.

"We are the market leader in the migration category and are committed to maintaining that leadership,” continued Koll. “We are making it faster, easier and cheaper to upgrade or set up a new PC, for consumers and enterprises. Laplink has always been a strong supporter of the Windows ecosystem, working to make the adoption and implementation of Windows a better experience."

Laplink forecasts there will be 125 million users of Windows 8 in North America alone within 18 months of its release, which will easily be the largest migration ever to a new operating system.

“In June, we will launch our ‘No PC Left Behind’ program,” added Koll. “We will be releasing an update to PCmover that will include some significant new features with a bonus: Everyone who buys PCmover between now and the release of Windows 8 will get a free copy of PCmover for Windows 8 when it releases.”

Only PCmover automatically moves all settings, files, folders, applications and more to a new PC without leaving anything behind. Pictures, videos, music, tax files, Internet favorites, documents, spreadsheets, games and much more can all be moved automatically. Setting PCmover apart from any other solution is the ability to move applications, a capability no other tool provides.

Other features in PCmover include:  

  • The easy-to-use wizard guides users through the migration process. 
  • It protects files on the new PC and will not overwrite existing files. 
  • Leaves the old PC intact by not deleting any files or applications from the old PC. 
  • Easy "undo" for quickly reversing a migration and restoring the new PC to its original state. 
  • Multiple profile (user) migration to move all profiles in one simple process. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee from Laplink.

PCmover is offered in several different versions, matching the right capabilities to the needs of the user. SRP is £29.99 inc

PCmover is sold at  http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laplink-pc-mover-ultimate-09734830-pdt.html

About Laplink Software Inc.

For nearly 30 years, Laplink has been the leader in providing software used for PC migration, remote access, file transfer, and synchronization. The privately-held company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.