The Flame Trojan – Puzzle piece in the cyberwar between governments?

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There are many hot news in the online media at the moment, but there are none hotter than the discovery of the Flame Trojan. This malicious virtual flame is said to have been active and infecting computer systems in the Middle East for several years now. There are rumors about it being an attack organized by an as yet unknown government.

Reports about Flame began to appear in the media in May 2012, and it quickly became a hotly debated issue. Both the complexity and functionality of this newly discovered malware are remarkable, and the author is still unknown, even though many assume that it is an attack organized by an unknown government. Otherwise it is difficult to explain its structure and some modules.

Our latest article of the Emsisoft knowledgebase explains how Flame works and how this piece of malware managed to infect and spy on important computers over several months without anyone noticing. You will also know who may have initiated the cyber attack and to what extent private users are at risk in the western hemisphere.