Swann Launches PenCam DVR Mini Video Camera & Recorder

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Swann Launches PenCam DVR Mini Video Camera & Recorder

pencamMake your own hidden videos for the web, leisure or business

London, UK -November 21st, 2008, - Swann Security, the global leader in "Plug & Play" security monitoring solutions, is proud to announce its latest addition to its range of covert security devices, the PenCam DVRTM.

Ideal for undercover surveillance and discreet surveillance the Swann PenCam cleverly conceals a quality colour video camera and microphone inside a working pen. With up to 100m transmission range and minimal illumination your covert operations can now be carried out with ease!

pencam_1Simply click the top of the pen and it begins transmitting! Wear it innocently in your shirt pocket place it in your desk organiser or use it like an ordinary pen - all while transmitting live high quality images and sound to the receiver connected to a TV VCR or security monitor up to 100m away.



Box Contents:

- Swann PenCam
- Batteries
- Auxiliary 9V Battery Kit
- Receiver
- 1x A/V Cables
- Power Adaptor
- Quick start Guide


The PenCam DVR has a RRP of £99.99. For a limited period only, Maplin stores will be running a special promotional price of £59.99 inc