Simple Range of Homeplug Kits from Solwise

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With some confusion about which HomePlugs work with each other Solwise have put together some kits to make it easier for you to decide which Homeplugs will do the job for you in your home!

Wall Socket Kits

Kit 1 - Ethernet

This kit comprises the Power Ethernet Wall adapter and a single port mini homeplug adapter. The typical set-up for this kit could be the mini plug attached to your router, sending the internet along the mains. The wall faceplate would be ideal for behind the TV, connecting up your media player, games console, Digital TV set-top box and Internet ready TV. Or perhaps you work from home; you could have the wall faceplate in your office, connected to the computer, printer and VoIP phone.

Kit 2 - WiFi

This kit comprises the Power Ethernet Wall adapter and a WiFi plug in homeplug adapter. The typical set-up for this could be as above with the mini adapter attached to the router, the faceplate behind the TV or in the office and then the WiFi plug in the kids room in order that they
can use their laptops Wirelessly and wire in their games consoles to the Ethernet port on the WiFi plug.

WiFi Kit

11n Wireless plug
Ethernet Plug

This kit was put together for those that have WiFi deadspots in the home. If you have your router in the hallway, for instance, and the laptop is mainly used in your conservatory at the back of your home, the WiFi from the router may not reach, the, conservatory is a WiFi deadspot.  This kit comprises a single Ethernet adapter which traditionally is used at the router. In the scenario you would plug the WiFi plug in the conservatory creating a WiFi network in the deadspot. 

Twin Packs


A pair of PL-200AV Ethernet plug in adapters, ideal if you just want to connect up one device elsewhere in the home. Great for desktop computers, games consoles, media hardware or anything with 
just a single Ethernet port.


A pair of PL-200AV-MINI Ethernet plug in adapters, as above but just a more compact style Homeplug. 
It is worth noting that all the HomePlugs in the 200AV and 500AV range available from Solwise will work together. You can mix and match depending on your requirements. Solwise offer a wide range of HomePlugs, including mains passthrough, WiFi plugs, small plugs, large plugs, mains strip, multi-port plugs, wall plates and desktop units.  For further information see our Features and Inter-operability table online -

Pricing and Links:

Wall Socket Kits

NET-PL-200AV-WALL-4PE-KIT1: £123.32 including VAT
NET-PL-200AV-WALL-4PE-KIT2: £155.49 including VAT

WiFi Kit

NET-PL-200AVPEW-KIT: £59.99 including VAT


Twin Packs

NET-PL-200-AV-TWIN - £38.42 including VAT

NET-PL-200AV-MINI-TWIN - £46.66 including VAT