Nexus New 430 watt Power Supply

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Hold on to your cash! Buy value for money.

nexusvalue430hr1In times of financial crisis you need to watch your spending. And in this turbulence era  it is also expected from you to consider the environment. So what do you do? Nexus figured to market a power supply that fulfills your every need; silent, quality, versatile, reliable, green and at a reasonable price. A real value for money product. And the name? VALUE 430… how convenient.

Nexus launches the VALUE 430 power supply with 430 Watt and a 80% and higher efficiency level. The noise level of this 12cm fan cooled power supply is at an amazingly low level. It was even almost impossible to measure the noise level in anechoic chamber with 15 dB(A) background noise. Hence it is fair to say it is inaudible, even at higher loads. The connector configuration is meeting today’s standards with a 6+2-pin PCI-Express and a 6-pin PCI-Express, 4 SATA connectors, a 4+4-pin (8-pin) connector, 6 Molex 4-pin connectors and a floppy connector.

Space saving

What is remarkable about this ATX power supply is the space saving design. It meets the ATX form factor standard but it’s just a bit shorter. Where normal ATX models measure 14cm in length and modular power supplies measure 16.5 to 18cm in length, the VALUE 430 is only 12.5cm. This saves in material cost for the chassis but it also gives some more room inside your PC case. More room to maneuver components and more room for airflow.

Eco in mind

With the environment in mind Nexus reverts back to the ‘old-school’ Zinc chassis as not everybody is interested in a Ferrari-paintjob for their PSU. This type of chassis is cheaper and better for the environment as no paint is used. Because…be honest… how long do you look at your power supply normally? Also the retail-box the Value 430 comes in is created with the environment in mind. It is a plain carton box with just 2 color printing. No bleaching has been done to the carton and lesser paint is used.

The Nexus Value 430 is a true value for money solution, it is dead quiet and as eco friendly as can be. A sensible choice!