Nexus Technology BV Introduces new case: Nexus Voltinia

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The Nexus Voltinia Tranquility Pro Series is a perfect case to build a silent PC. The side panels are pre-fitted with noise absorption materials and the case comes with the utterly silent VALUE 430 430 Watt compact ATX silent power supply. Furthermore the Voltinia case is equipped with two Real Silent 120mm case fans (black/white-version). These 1000 RPM fans are mounted with ultra soft silicone fan mounts to prevent resonance and vibrations. When more airflow is needed you can mount an extra 80, 92 or 120mm fan on the ceiling of the case. The soft rubber feet prevents overall resonance of the case.


With silent 430 Watt compact ATX power supply

The Nexus VALUE 430 is a 430 Watt power supply, with more than 80% efficiency, Active PFC, 12cm silent fan, sleeved cables and an ultra compact design. Together with the Voltinia a winning combination for a silent PC.

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