Higher Performance, Smaller Footprint: New Cinergy T USB XXS

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Higher Performance, Smaller Footprint: New Cinergy T USB XXS, TerraTec's Tiny DVB-T Tuner for Digital TV on the Go

cinergy_t_usb_xxs_hdTV to go: The Cinergy T USB XXS is the supermobile, simple solution for digital television (DTT) on the computer. Just connect the tiny stick into an available USB port, install the included TerraTec Home Cinema software - and you are ready to enjoy live TV. Additional accessories are not necessary, an antenna and a remote control are already in the same wrapping.

Plug in and enjoy: TerraTec provides everything users need to experience digital viewing. Alongside the actual stick, the package includes a remote control, an antenna with an adjustable base and suction cup that attaches to windows, and a USB extension cord<A[extension lead|extension cable]><A[parcel|bundle]>. It also comes with an antenna adaptor that connects the stick to the home rooftop antenna, quickly and easily. Featuring the latest tuner technology, the stick performs well even in fringe DVB-T reception areas.

With TerraTec Home Cinema, powerful TV software for timeshifting TV programmes and digital recording with edit function is included in the scope of delivery. Your computer promptly comes out of standby or hibernation mode when needed and then goes back into hibernation once the recording is completed. The integrated electronic programme guide assists you in programming. Additional innovations, such as automatic adjustment of the aspect ratio, recording of Dolby Digital, video text and subtitles, individually adjustable lists of favourites (genre, location) as well as picture-in-picture and network streaming make it easy and convenient to experience the many benefits of watching TV on your computer. And all of the functions can be easily configured via remote control, keyboard or mouse.


  • DVB-T receiver with remote control
  • The latest generation tuner for best reception
  • Picture-in-picture in one transponder
  • Digital video recorder with a timer
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Teletext
  • Time-shifting
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • 0.3 m USB extension cord

Price and Availability: The Cinergy T USB XXS is available at £29.99 inc. For further information please visit www.terratec.co.uk

About TerraTec Electronic GmbH: Launched in 1994 in the Rhine region town of Nettetal, Terratec Electronic swiftly made major inroads in its target markets. Today the company is well-known as the TV, video and audio card maker and one of Europe's premier multimedia enterprises. The company's portfolio encompasses offerings ranging from the TerraTec Producer line of professional PC audio systems to TV / video solutions and hi-fi consumer products. As technology trendsetter, TerraTec charts the course of innovation in wireless home entertainment products and digital television solutions for PCs and notebooks.