The New TerraTec NOXON iRadio for iPod

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Photo NOXON iRadio for iPod with iPod classicThe New TerraTec NOXON iRadio for iPod

The universal audio player

Oxford, 9th June 2008, TerraTec announce the new NOXON iRadio for iPod. iPod base station, wireless Internet radio, intuitive podcast receiver, multiformat network audio player for music on your hard drive and designer FM radio in stylish optic - the NOXON iRadio for iPod is a masterpiece for all music fans. Its integrated speaker guarantees music enjoyment wherever a network access is available.

Many music fans have their collections distributed across a variety of media and technologies, resulting in snarled cables, stacks of burned CDs and general file format chaos, and the most powerful member of TerraTec's NOXON family is the simple solution for all applications. Its integrated Universal Dock turns your iPod into a stereo system and charges it. You can also select and play any one of over 10,000 Internet radio stations from around the world - without needing to boot your computer. The large variety of radio stations is comfortably pre-sorted e.g. by geographical origin or genre for a good overview. A refined sorting system that can memorize your favourites at the touch of a button and can be customized in detail helps you stay on top of the vast selection. A wide range of podcasts are also available at the touch of a button - get exactly the information you need straight from the source, without technical hassles.

Thanks to the powerful networking features of the NOXON iRadio for iPod, you can at last enjoy music from your hard drive anywhere in the house. Regardless of whether you are using a wired or wireless LAN or HomePlug network, your digital music will finally be on tap in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bath, while your computer stays where it belongs - in your home office.

The audio player is extremely keen on connectivity. Its USB host lets you connect external hard drives and memory sticks. If you're planning a really big party, simply connect active speakers or a full-size HiFi system to the Line Out or Digital Out ports. A headphone socket for quiet enjoyment rounds out the selection. The NOXON iRadio for iPod can be controlled using a remote or the buttons on the device. Its clear, easy-to-read display provides all the information you need. Security and compatibility are major priorities: all common music formats (including DRM10 for tracks from Musicload and other vendors), WLAN standards and encryption types are supported.


  • NOXON iRadio for iPod
  • WLAN antenna
  • FM (Y) antenna
  • Power supply 12V / 2A
  • Remote control (with batteries)
  • Software CDs
  • Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

Price and Availability: The iRadio for iPod is available at RRP £239.99 inc. For further information please visit

About TerraTec Electronic GmbH: Launched in 1994 in the Rhine region town of Nettetal, Terratec Electronic swiftly made major inroads in its target markets. Today the company is well-known as the TV, video and audio card maker and one of Europe's premier multimedia enterprises. The company's portfolio encompasses offerings ranging from the TerraTec Producer line of professional PC audio systems to TV / video solutions and hi-fi consumer products. As technology trendsetter, TerraTec charts the course of innovation in wireless home entertainment products and digital television solutions for PCs and notebooks.