TRENDnet Launches 4 New 16 and 24 Port Switches with Embedded Energy Saving GREENnetT Technology

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TORRANCE, Calif. -March 4, 2009- TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand today announces the launch of 4 new GREENnet switches; the 16-Port 10/100Mbps GREENnet Switch (model TE100-S16g), 24-Port 10/100Mbps GREENnet Switch (model TE100-S24g), 16-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch (model TEG-S16g) and 24-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch (model TEG-S24g), each switch utilizes integrated energy saving GREENnetT Technology.

GREENnetT is a TRENDnet switch-based technology that determines and supplies the appropriate amount of electrical power to each hardwired switching port as required by the connected device, by the port, or by the length of the connected Ethernet cable. GREENnetT technology can reduce the given device's power consumption by up to 70%.

GREENnetT solutions automatically detect if an Ethernet port is not in use and will reduce the amount of power sent to the respective unused port. A port may not be in use when either no device is connected to the port or when the device that is connected to the port is powered down or in Standby Mode. Regular switches do not have this capability, and therefore consume more power while performing the same networking function.

Less power is required to send data over shorter cable lengths. GREENnetT technology automatically detects the length of the cable that connects the Ethernet port to the networked device and adjusts the power supply accordingly. This technology functions automatically, requires no management and has no affect on product performance.

Energy savings produced by the switch vary depending on switch loading and the cost of electricity for a given location. Preliminary testing reveals that under moderate loading scenarios the 16 and 24 port 10/100Mbps GREENnet Switches can yield energy savings between US $5 - $10 per year and the 16 and 24 port Gigabit GREENnet Switches can yield energy savings between US $10 -$20 per year with an assumed electrical cost of US $0.15 per kilowatts hour.

"TRENDnet's GREENnetT technology is a seamless solution that reduces power consumption without affecting product performance. No management is required, it simply works when you turn on the device," stated Zak Wood, Director of Global Marketing for TRENDnet. "TRENDnet first integrated GREENnetT technology into our wireless n routers in October of 2008. The cumulative energy savings of all of GREENnet switches sold will produce a measured and important benefit."

The switches will be available within a few months. Visit for more information on GREENnetT technology and other TRENDnet green initiatives.